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Body Care

Body creams have revolutionized the concept of beauty and aesthetics, transcending what we perceive through sight and bringing beauty to texture and aroma. These products are capable of doing miracles for our skin, since each one of them has a specific function according to the needs we have.

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Muscle joints recovery gel de Coor Smart Nutrition
Muscle joints recovery gel - 200mlCoor Smart Nutrition
Muscle Joints Recovery Gel by Coor Smart Nutrition is a natural gel for external use made from...
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10% dtoRepair gel de VitoBest
Repair gel - 100mlVitoBest
- 100 %
Repair Gel Vitobest repair cream is a 100% natural formula, quickly absorbed into the skin.
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Reduplus Forte LR-Labs - 200 ml Prisma Natural - 1
Reduplus Forte LR-Labs - 200 mlPrisma Natural
Reduplus Forte LR-Labs from Prisma Natural is an excellent reduction gel that will help you...
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Quinton Dermo Action - 100 ml Quinton Laboratorios - 1
Quinton Dermo Action - 100 mlQuinton Laboratorios
In order to protect, hydrate and nourish your skin, Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton...
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Apitox spray - 100 ml
Apitox Spray - 100 mlPrisma Natural
Apitox Spray from Prisma Natural is a natural product that comes in a cold effect spray, which...
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40% dtoNaty diaper n1 from 2 to 5 kg - 26 units
Naty diaper n1 from 2 to 5 kg - 26 unitsBiocop
Naty No. 1 diaper from 2 to 5 kg from Biocop is a disposable diaper, exclusively designed to...
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Skinseb control dermactiv de Prisma Natural
Skinseb control dermactiv - 100mlPrisma Natural
Skinseb Control Dermactiv by Prisma Natural, is an external application cream based on a...
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25% dto100% alum mineral deodorant - 120g
100% alum mineral deodorant - 120gDrasanvi
Drasanvi's 100% Alum Mineral Deodorant is an organic product based on alum stone that works as a...
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25% dtoCalendula soap - 100g
Calendula soap - 100gDrasanvi
Drasanvi's Calendula Soap is a body care product that has been handcrafted with floral and...
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Red grape cream package of 250ml dietary supplement of body care made by Haya Labs
Red grape cream - 250mlHaya Labs
Red Grape Cream from Haya Labs is a body cream made with an innovative formula based on red...
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Cream collagen plus - 50ml
Cream Collagen Plus - 50mlPrisma Natural
Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is an excellent product of topical use, ideal for...
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57% dtoLinidol - 100ml
Linidol - 100mlDrasanvi
Linidol from Drasanvi is a product that uses the best quality natural ingredients with...
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20% dtoTea tree essential oil - 18 ml
Tea tree essential oil - 18 mlDrasanvi
Tea tree essential oil from Drasanvi is an incredible oil with antiseptic properties,...
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Rose hip oil - 500ml
Rose Hip Oil - 50mlPrisma Natural
Rose Hip Oil from Prisma Natural is an ideal nutritional oil to perform any type of massage, to...
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27% dtoTea tree oil - 500ml
Tea tree oil - 50 mlPrisma Natural
If you are having problems with your skin, scalp, psoriasis, eczema, irritations, etc. Tea tree...
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Volcanic pumice stone
Volcanic pumice stoneBiocop
The Biocop Volcanic Pumice Stone is an extraordinary tool designed to offer an excellent...
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17% dtoLavander soap - 100g Drasanvi - 1
Lavander soap - 100gDrasanvi
Drasanvi Lavender Soap is a great natural soap with a delicious aroma and great efficacy, made...
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Rose hip oil - 30ml
Rose Hip Oil - 30 mlMarnys
With Rose Hip Oil from Marnys you will be able to recover texture and softness of your skin...
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Jojoba oil - 50ml
Jojoba Oil - 50 mlMarnys
Jojoba Oil from Marnys is a boom to all who desire a healthy skin. Thanks to its powerful...
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Coconut oil - 100ml
Coconut oil - 100mlMarnys
Marnys Coconut Oil is a great product for personal use derived from coconut pulp and is...
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Coconut oil - 500ml
Coconut Oil - 500 mlMarnys
Coconut Oil from Marnys is a great product for personal use made from coconut flesh and is...
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Importance of Body Creams

Certain problems that the body tends to present and that until not long ago were solved exclusively through treatments in beauty centers and spas, now have an easy solution thanks to the body creams that are more and more abundant and that every day they adapt to the new challenges and demands that a demanding market brings to the table.

Let's first see the definition body cream : it is an emulsion based on mixtures of natural and artificial products that take care of our skin so that it looks and feels young, smooth and free of imperfections.

Because they are important? Because they provide us with the following benefits:

  • remove cellulite
  • reaffirm
  • remove stains
  • improve circulation
  • refresh
  • give a resting effect
  • hydrate

As much as we hydrate ourselves by drinking the recommended amount of water per day, the effect that a moisturizer provides cannot be compared, since the molecules that are in charge of hydration penetrate to the most hidden layer of the skin and are in charge of generating this benefit throughout the day. That is, they act from the outside in and then reverse the process and start to act from the inside out, which is when we truly feel its benefits.

Among the wide variety of options, we have the firming moisturizing body cream , which fulfills two functions at the same time. How to know how to differentiate the best body firming cream ? It is very simple, since in it you must look for the following benefits:

  • toning
  • smoothing
  • tissue regeneration
  • containing lactic acid and fruit acids

In addition, you have scented body creams , which guarantee a powerful aromatizing effect to the delight of those around you and your own.

Tips for Applying Body Creams

Apply them immediately after showering, since the pores are open to receive the nutrients they provide. Use them daily, since your skin deteriorates with daily bathing. Choose creams that provide several benefits: moisturizing, affirming and perfumed, among others.