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cosmetic items

With a use that has changed radically from its origins to the present, cosmetics has become a discipline that is directly connected to health. Discover all the secrets of the art that has been perfected so much that today it walks hand in hand with science.

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Cosmetics / Popular Products

Importance of Cosmetics

Cosmetics is capable of sculpting on our skin and hair. Its mission is to make us look better, but the true definition of cosmetic chemistry is not about covering imperfections with makeup, but about improving the texture of the skin and hair so that nothing needs to be covered.

Among the functions of this discipline we highlight the following:

  • Hydration
  • Cauterization
  • Nutrition
  • give shine
  • Smooth
  • Cleaning
  • Astringency
  • whitening
  • Rejuvenation
  • smoothing
  • Protection

In the history of cosmetics we can see that makeup fulfilled a function that went beyond the merely aesthetic, since the khol that women used to mark their eyes in Ancient Egypt had the property of keeping insects away. Protection against the sun was also another of its tasks, while the preservation of beauty was a ritual that was also linked to religion.

Cosmetics today

Nowadays there are as many types of cosmetics as there are needs for them. Thanks to them, wrinkles dissipate, the skin returns to the freshness it had twenty years ago, we recover firmness and elasticity, the hair loses porosity and gains in youth and vigor, in addition to having a very powerful protection against powerful and harmful UV rays.

However, the largest classification of cosmetics that can be made is between those that we call chemical and natural.

The big difference between the two is that the natural ones do not include chemical elements, but rather their components come from plants and fruits of nature. This guarantees us not to suffer from allergies or other reactions related to the rejection of the product by the skin. As if this were not enough, natural products do not experiment on animals in their laboratories.

Cosmetics and Health

These two values no longer walk separately, but have merged and one is a consequence of the other. There is no beauty without health and if there is health, there is inevitably beauty. This fact has forced the cosmetic industry to create products that beautify because they contain healing and repairing properties.

Therefore, when we apply a cosmetic we are generating the health that makes it possible for beauty to be maintained once the product has been absorbed or evaporated.