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Prebiotics are compounds, which our body can not digest, but have a physiological effect in the gut by stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli). They are only substances that help, for energy supplements for beneficial bacteria. They are also good for the prevention of infection or stimulation of the immune system. Daily consumption of prebiotic fibers promote digestive health, reducing bloating and improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Can be found in foods such as onions, bananas, garlic, honey, leeks or artichokes among others.

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14% dtoGreens powder - 100g
Greens powder - 100gUniversal Nutrition
Greens Powder by Universal Nutrition is an amazing food supplement made with green vegetables...
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18% dtoVita greens & fruits - 600 g
Vita Greens & Fruits - 600 gScitec Nutrition
Vita Greens & Fruits from Scitec Green is a super food that contains high doses of fruits...
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Greens - 150g
Greens - 150gBIG
Greens by Big is a powdered food supplement that contains a blend of more than 50 plant and...
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Vegan symbiotic complex - 60 capsules
Vegan symbiotic complex - 60 capsules226ERS
Vegan Symbiotic Complex by 226ERS is a food supplement made from a natural mixture of butyrate...
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15% dtocalcimar 90 caps
CALCIMAR 90 Caps - NovadietNovadiet
Calcimar by Novadiet is a nutritional supplement that has marine coral which keeps bones in...
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Colonbiotic 7gg sport edition - 30 capsules
Colonbiotic 7GG Sport Edition - 30 capsulesOlimp Sport
Colonbiotic 7GG Sport Edition from Olimp Sport is a food supplement that comes in capsules...
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preobik 10 sticks
Preobik - 10 sticksNovadiet
Novadiet Preobik is a nutritional supplement that helps you take care of your intestinal flora...
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Vitanatur symbiotics g - 14 sachets
Vitanatur symbiotics g - 14 sachetsVitanatur
Vitanatur Symbiotics G by Vitanatur is a therapeutic supplement through which you can alleviate...
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