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Skin Nails and Hair

If you are looking for how to take care of your skin, hair, and nails, you have to consult our section on MASmusculo, especially dedicated to offering you specific, high-quality supplements that will help you achieve healthy aesthetics.

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Real capilex forte presentation of 60 capsules by BIG - skin nails and hair
Real capilex forte - 60 capsulesBIG
Real Capilex Forte by Big is a dietary supplement based on standardized saw palmetto extract...
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THE BEST PRICEHair, skin and nails - 60 caps
Hair, Skin and Nails - 60 capsHaya Labs
Hair, Skin and Nails from Haya Labs is an advanced formula that combines the essential nutrients...
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Skin, nails & hair presentation of 60 tablets of the brand Solgar in the group of skin nails and hair
Skin, nails & hair - 60 tabletsSolgar
Solgar's Hair, Skin and Nails Formula is a dietary supplement made with zinc, copper, vitamin C,...
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Age splendor hair, skin, nails - 30 capsules
Age Splendor Hair, Skin, Nails - 30 capsulesNaturLíder
Age Splendor Hair, Skin, Nails from NaturLíder is a natural food supplement that includes in...
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Hair, skin and nails pack of 48 tablets of Santiveri dietary supplement of skin nails and hair
Hair, skin and nails - 48 tabletsSantiveri
Santiveri Hair, Nails and Skin is a food supplement based on L-cystine and an excellent mix of...
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Why buy accessories for skin, hair and nails?

The market offers numerous beautifying products that act topically, but have a relative result. There is now a deeper understanding of what can improve the appearance and health of skin, hair and nails .

It is now understood that a beauty based on health and vitality is the goal to achieve lasting and valuable aesthetics. That is why natural food supplements are taken that provide nutrients that have a profound influence on the appearance of hair, epidermis and nails.

It should not be forgotten that they also offer vitamins, minerals and proteins that are always well received to promote the best nutrition. If you want access to really attractive Skin, Hair and Nails, you can start complementing your daily diet with the best options available in our catalogue.

The main benefits of these products:

  • They offer vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • They return the natural shine to the Skin, Hair and Nails.
  • They reinforce the general nutrients of the organism.

How do these supplements work to improve skin, hair and nails?

Since the Skin, Hair and Nails are parts of the body, they need nutrients to regenerate and properly fulfill their function. In addition to being important for the appearance of every person, it must be remembered that the epidermis has the function of protecting the body and transmitting sensations received from the environment.

Nails and hair are closely related components that can also show a good or bad appearance depending on the quality of food.

For example, the skin usually needs collagen to maintain its elasticity and freshness. So nutrients that have vitamin C, vitamins A, K and E are important.

On the other hand, vitamin B complexes and Omega 3, 6 or 9 also influence the strength and shine of hair and nails.

Everything points to having a complete nutrition that promotes beauty based on health and natural vitality.


These supplements usually come in tablets, tablets or capsules, easy to ingest, dose and assimilate. It is possible to acquire those with 30, 60 or 90 units, which generally try to cover the requirements of at least 1 month based on the recommendations for their intake.

How are they taken?

In most cases, it is sufficient to take 1 dose per day, often with a meal. It is a simple action, ideal to contribute to daily nutrition and naturally promote the beauty of the epidermis, hair and nails.

What are the best brands of skin, hair and nail supplements?

In the MASmusculo catalog you will find a complete range of accessories for Skin, Hair and Nails. We have selected the brands that use organic ingredients, and that use manufacturing methods under the strictest safety and quality standards. These are Prisma Natural, Sotya Health Supplements and Weider.

Why should you buy capsules for skin, hair and nails at MASmusculo?

At MASmusculo we prioritize the quality of our products to offer the best service. We want you to get what you need and have it work for you.

Every time you buy in our store you will get:

  • High quality.
  • A competitive price.
  • A delivery within 24 hours in Spain.

We also have a very simple return policy, set out in our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, above all, we take care of your satisfaction when you buy at MASmusculo.

Remember that we have communication channels always open by WhatsApp and via web chat. We are at your disposal for whatever you need!