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Blood is the fluid that carries oxygen, nutrients and waste products between the various organs and tissues. There are several regulatory systems PH: The regulatory system dihydrogen phosphate / hydrogen phosphate, the regulatory system of carbon / bicarbonate acid or protein regulatory system. If the pH gets lower, which means that the acidity of the blood is increased, this condition is called acidosis, diabetes feature. Is increased if the pH of the blood, which means that blood tends to be alkaline, this condition is called alkalosis. Supplements such as Beta Alanine helps us to reconstitute the pH lowering effect of exercise by keeping it at normal levels and slowing the discomfort and fatigue caused.

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PRIME DAYS59% dtopH9 Generator - 700ml
pH9 Generator - 700mlPH9 Generator
Despite its resemblance to a conventional shaker, pH Generator is a device that goes beyond...
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pH Total Control
pH Total ControlVitoBest
Vitobest pH Total Control is a food supplement that contributes with a combination of alkaline...
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Ph control - 90 capsules IO.Genix - 1
Ph control - 90 capsulesIO.Genix
PH Control by IO.Genix is highly recommended to keep a correct balance in the body's...
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Organic wheat grass powdered - 125g
Organic wheat grass powdered - 125gGoldNutrition
Organic Wheat Grass Powder from Gold Nutrition is the ideal detoxifier made from organic wheat...
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PRIME DAYSAlkaline life - 500ml
Alkaline life - 500mlDrasanvi
Alkaline Life by Drasanvi, is a mixture of completely natural products that can help you keep...
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Ideal ph - 120 capsules
Ideal pH - 120 capsulesBe Essential
Ideal pH from Be Essential is a food supplement that has an alkalinizing complex made from the...
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PRIME DAYSWheat grass - 125g
Wheat Grass - 125 gDrasanvi
Most likely you have heard little or nothing about wheat grass, but from now on, you will know...
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PRIME DAYSBiomaris - 750ml
Biomaris - 750 mlSakai
Biomaris from Sakai is a food supplement based on sea water extracted from the depths of the...
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