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Mega Alkaline Creatine - 500 g

Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition is a modern and innovative sports formula developed by the experts of 4PRO Nutrition which contains the best alkaline creatine, thus being a product 100% favorable for all athletes. In general, one of the most remarkable properties of this excellent product is its ability to reach the muscle cells, without becoming creatinine.

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    Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition offers an incredible bioavailability for a super-efficient absorption.

    Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition is a highly evolved alkaline creatine based supplement, which offers a great absorption, since it is synthesized before reaching the muscle.

    For that reason, its qualities are more efficient, it does not generate discomfort, and definitely, it is much better than conventional creatine. In addition, this advanced technology in supplementation significantly increases, and in desired form, sports performance, muscle endurance, accelerates recovery, and prevents fatigue.

    Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition gives all the advantages of conventional creatine, however, it is only composed of alkaline creatine, which is absorbed and digested better than creatine monohydrate. Certainly, alkaline creatine is synthesized before entering the active muscle tissue, so it will not be transformed into creatinine, thus avoiding certain side effects, such as: swelling, fluid retention, upset stomach, among others.

    The most admirable of Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition is that its alkaline creatine content is processed mostly at a pH much higher than that available in creatine monohydrate, therefore, its action remains stable and very exceptionally reaches the resistant muscle cells. It also helps the body to absorb every particle of creatine very effectively.

    In addition, as Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition is made with the most suitable substance for performance, as is alkaline creatine, this sports supplement provides very remarkable effects. For example, it increases muscular endurance, neutralizes fatigue, helps exercise for longer, and in fact, it favors significantly correct muscle recovery on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, all these benefits create prodigious conditions for sports practice, especially to support the long-awaited strength and desired muscle gain.

    With an innovative supplement like Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition, it is not necessary to do loading phases, even athletes use a shorter amount of said creatine, because, as it is known, its level of absorption is more active and faster than common creatine, essentially, for favorable results.

    Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition represents an excellent alternative to common creatine supplements, especially, because the expected effects appear faster and without side effects.

    Facts of Mega Creatina Alkaline 4Pro Nutrition

    • Supplement completely based on alkaline creatine.
    • Guaranteed.
    • Of high quality.
    • Offers greater bioavailability, complemented by a great absorption.
    • Creatine with stable and superior pH.
    • Stimulates good muscle recovery.
    • Delays the appearance of fatigue.
    • No loading phase required.

    If you are an athlete and you want to exercise with incredible intensity, then the innovative and well developed supplement Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition will be great boost to improve your strength and muscular endurance, obviously with better nutritional bioavailability.

    Recommended use: take at least 3 grams of Mega Alkaline Creatine from 4PRO Nutrition dissolved in 250 ml of fresh, in order to obtain its beneficial effect, daily before exercising.

    Questions and answers
    Hola. No me queda muy clara la dosis. Yo con la monohidrato siempre tome 5gr antes y 5 gr después. Y luego solo 5gr después. Pero con esta cuanto ? 1,5gr antes y 1,5gr después? 3gr antes? O 3 gr después? No me aclaro
    2021-06-10 00:47:32 Mario
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    Puedo tomar 5gr junto con mi batido de proteina 80% antes de entrenar ? O tomarla sola con agua? Saludos.
    2020-01-30 09:23:02 Ricardo Peres
    Hola lo puede combinar junto con su batido no hay problema. Un saludo
    2020-01-31 12:16:46 Jose
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    Hola, contiene azucares?
    2018-10-22 17:25:05 MARK
    Hola, buenas tardes. Es un producto que de cada 5 gramos le va a aportar su totalidad en creatina. No contiene azúcares. Un saludo
    2018-10-23 13:46:29 Rafael
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    ¿Cuantos gramos debería tomar si peso 80kg?
    2018-09-02 17:34:09 Álvaro Maldonado Gámez
    Buenos dias , normalmente seria 1gr por cada kilo de peso , osea 8 gramos. gracias un saludo
    2018-09-03 09:29:44 Joel
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