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Buy hot and cold effect creams

Hot Cold Gels and Creams are semi-solid preparations that have in common the use of water as a base, and mixed with other elements such as guarana, menthol, caffeine, capsaicin, oils, eucalyptus, ivy, fucus, camphor, vanilla, to mention some, produce the effects of cold or heat. Hot Cold Gels and Creams are products to always have within reach because they help prevent injuries due to lack of warm-up before starting exercises and solve muscular discomfort or inconveniences, among others, after exercising.

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Painless - 100ml
Painless - 100 mlSculpt
Painless from Sculpt is an effective gel with ingredients and patents such as legactif with in...
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Apitox spray - 100 ml
Apitox Spray - 100 mlPrisma Natural
Apitox Spray from Prisma Natural is a natural product that comes in a cold effect spray, which...
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Gels with hot/cold effect have become the perfect ally for doing any type of sport

The appearance of creams and gels with a cold-heat effect has been a revolution in the fitness market.

Endurance athletes have experienced what it's like to suffer from joint pain, muscle pain or muscle fatigue after a hard workout. Gels and creams with cold or heat effects are combinations of ingredients that minimize and relieve all these pains. Having these preparations serene the athlete because it is having the instant palliative. Hot and cold gels and creams are used by athletes before starting the sport and once it has finished. The hot and cold gels and creams can be applied to any part of the body that the athlete considers necessary, with just a gentle massage.

When to apply gels and creams with cold effects and when with heat effects?

Gels and creams with a cold effect are usually placed as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory since their properties relax the muscles. Athletes apply cold gels and creams after training to seek relief and rest through a massage with circular movements until fully absorbed into the skin; they are relaxing gels and creams appropriate after having had an intense practice. Gels and creams with cooling effects are applied to the muscles of the areas of the body where they are affected, since it varies by the type of sport that is exercised.

As for gels and creams with a heat effect, they are used to cause an increase in temperature. Gels and creams with a heating effect are used as a warm-up before going to practice any sport discipline, they are used to warm up the muscles, they minimize the warm-up time, they generate flexibility in the muscles, they serve to mitigate injuries and the terrible pulls; when training is carried out in times or cities with low temperatures they are perfect. Gels and creams with heat effects, as well as those with cold effects, will be used on the shoulders, wrists, elbows, legs, among others, depending on the type of discipline that is going to be practiced as an adjunct to physical warm-up.

Buy creams and gels with hot and cold effect

Today the market offers hot and cold gels and creams in a variety of presentations whose purpose is to facilitate the use of the preparation as the case may be. The best brands that you can find in our online store are Sculpt , Prisma Natural , Drasanvi