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Spirits Drinks

Spirit drinks are those made with alcoholic content. They are obtained through the fermentation, maceration or distillation of various ingredients.

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14% dtoAnise cream - 700ml
Anise Cream - 700 mlMartes Santo
Anise Cream from Martes Santo is an exotic drink based on fresh anise cream, with a lemon and...
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Aged rum organic - 700ml
Organic Mature Rum - 700mlMartes Santo
Sale forbidden to those under age 18. Organic Mature Rum from Martes Santo is handmade based...
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Herbal liqueur - 700ml
Herbal liqueur - 700mlMartes Santo
Sale to minors under 18 years is prohibited. The Martes Santo Herb Liqueur is an exquisite...
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What are spirits?

Spirits are those that have alcoholic content. They are obtained from ingredients such as grapes, fruits, cereals, cane, nuts, beets or potato skins.

These are exposed to fermentation, distillation or maceration methods. In some cases, two of these procedures are even combined.

As a result, drinks such as wine, whiskey, spirits, champagne, gin, rum, brandy or cognac are obtained.

And why are they called spirits ? Well, there are several hypotheses.

One indicates that it is because of what happens during the distillation. At the moment in which the alcohol is separated, a translucent trail can be observed that someone fearful can interpret as the manifestation of a ghost. Spooky!

It is also possible that this name dated back to those times when there were no developed medicines. So elixirs were sold that brought together herbs with alcohol, a combination that was supposed to cure illnesses. In those times it was said that they could return the soul to the body or revive the dead . That is why they are related to spirits.

Finally, a simpler one alleges that when processing the ingredients, their spirit or essence is extracted. Regardless of why they are called that, they are still a pleasure worth enjoying.

Why buy spirits?

Spirits are always attractive. They have different aromas and flavors, and each one causes a different sensation when entering the palate. There are variants for all tastes and they come in elegant bottles that stand out on their own.

There is always a good time to enjoy a drink with a deep aroma or effect. They are ideal for a meal or for a special event, shared with others. That's why it's worth having the ones you like the most on hand, for special occasions or to treat yourself from time to time.

The main benefits of spirits

  • They have special flavors and aromas.
  • They come in elegant and eye-catching bottles.
  • They are excellent specials for celebrations, special meals or for a personal treat.

Presentations of spirits

At MASmusculo you can find spirits in various presentations. You can have those that are designed for the comfort of each consumer, such as beer bottles that have a capacity of 33 cl. There are even gins that come in 100ml bottles, ideal for enjoying in small doses.

And of course there is the vast majority, which come in much larger bottles, 500ml, 700ml or even 900ml. They are those that contain wines, gins or whiskeys, among others.

Why buy spirits at MASmusculo?

The MASmusculo catalog also includes ideal products to have a good time, which are not unrelated to a full and healthy life. That's why we include a premium range of whiskeys, gins and spirits, which are a delight. We are the official distributor of Holy Tuesday. You can access our collection of spirits at the best market price.