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Neutral oatmeal is a product derived from oats without additional ingredients. It has various ways of being used and with it you can prepare very nutritious and healthy meals. It is presented in different flavors for you to choose the one of your preference. Its consumption promotes a healthy and balanced diet. For those who prefer it, it can also be consumed alone, dissolved in milk, water or juices.

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45% dtoOat meal - 1 kg Bull Sport Nutrition - 1
Oatmeal - 1 kgBull Sport Nutrition
Oatmeal from Bull Sport Nutrition is a food supplement made from oatmeal, which offers...
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10% dtoOat meal - 1kg
Oatmeal - 1 kg4PRO Nutrition
The unique Oatmeal from 4PRO Nutrition is a product extremely appetizing and delicious. You...
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Mr Poppers OatMash - 2kg
Mr Poppers OatMash - 2kgAmix Mr. Poppers
- 10 %
Mr Poppers OatMash by Amix Nutrition, is the new supplement of the brand, made from oatmeal,...
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17% dtoInstant oats gluten free - 1kg
Instant oats gluten free - 1kgBiotech USA
Gluten-Free Oatmeal from BiotechUSA, is a finely ground oatmeal that can be integrated into...
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24% dtoInstant oats - 1000g
Instant oats - 1000gBiotech USA
BiotechUsa Instant Oatmeal is 100% natural instant oatmeal. Available in original version and in...
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Whole oatmeal bio - 500 g
Whole Grain Oatmeal - 500 gEl Granero Integral
Whole Grain Oatmeal from El Granero Integral is a nutritious and healthy flour manufactured by...
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43% dtoWhole Oatmeal - 500g
Whole Oatmeal - 500gEcoSana
Bio Integral Oatmeal from Ecosana is a food supplement made with an oat-based composition that...
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Oatmeal bio - 500g
Oatmeal bio - 500gEcoSana
Ecosana Bio Oat Flour is an excellent quality product, an important source of fiber and...
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9% dtoOats-cell - 1,5 kg
Oats-cell - 1,5 kgProCell
Oats-Cell by Procell is high quality Oatmeal that offers you the opportunity to incorporate the...
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Organic wholemeal oat flour - 1kg
Organic wholemeal oat flour - 1kgEcoSana
Bio Integral Oatmeal from Ecosana is a food supplement made with an oat-based composition that...
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NewOatmeal - 1kg
Oatmeal - 1kgScientiffic Nutrition
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Oatmeal and training

Thanks to its composition, oatmeal helps develop and enhance the energy that allows you to face the day with greater dynamism and vitality. In turn, this product provides a source of vegetable protein of the highest quality, which helps to feed the muscle and thus ensure that the muscle mass achieved can remain intact, without suffering the deterioration of age and other factors that cause loss of muscle mass.

When to consume?

This food contains the nutrients related to the consumption of food before and after the training session. In the pre-exercise phase, it is vitally important to prepare the body by providing it with a lot of energy, which allows it to improve training.

In its post-workout phase, oatmeal is an excellent muscle recuperator, so it will help you return to exercise sessions refreshed the next day. Starting the day with a serving of oatmeal will give you the energy you need when a heavy weight-bearing day awaits.

What is it taken for?

  • Reduces appetite, thus leading to natural weight loss, which is due to not consuming sweets and other things that only serve to accumulate fat.
  • Its content helps maintain weight.
  • It contains a very high nutritional value.
  • Reduces the risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

Ideas for taking neutral oatmeal

You can choose the taste you want, as well as enjoy it in its neutral flavor to mix it with nutritional supplements without affecting their flavor. There are several ways to consume it; As we said, it can be consumed alone, dissolved in a drink. There is also the possibility of cooking with it, so you can make cookies and muffins without using the controversial wheat flour.