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Buy carbohydrate bars

Carbohydrate bars are a very popular product among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, since it is an ideal product to replenish energy after training and, therefore, they are recommended for those who do a heavy workout.

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Flapjack - 120g
Flapjack - 120gAmix Mr. Poppers
- 10 %
Flapjack from Amix Mr. Poppers is a delicious bar made from oats, with a high content of simple...
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Flapjack presentation of 110g by Quamtrax of the section carb snacks
Flapjack - 110gQuamtrax
FlapJack by Quamtrax is a rich 100% natural oatmeal bar, with an excellent coverage that gives...
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OUTLETOat & fruits - 70g
Oat & fruits - 70g - Chocolate Banana - OUTLETBiotech USA
The bars of Oat & fruits from Biotechusa are sold in packets of 20 units, each weighing 70...
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Oat and nuts bar - 70g
Oat and nuts bar - 70gBiotech USA
Oat and Nuts Bar by BiotechUSA, is a nutritional supplement. A delicious bar that has been...
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Oat & fruits - 70g
Oat & fruits - 70gBiotech USA
The bars of Oat & fruits from Biotechusa are sold in packets of 20 units, each weighing 70...
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Oat bar presentation of 70g by Scitec Nutrition of the section carb snacks
Oat bar - 70gScitec Nutrition
Oat Bar (Oat Bar) from Scitec Nutrition, is a delicious and nutritious energy bar made with a...
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Flapjack energy - 120g Hypertrophy - 2
Flapjack energy - 120gHypertrophy
Hypertrophy Flapjack Energy Bar is a delicious artisan snack made with oatmeal, ideal to enjoy...
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Nuts & honey bar - 35g
Nuts & honey bar - 35gBiotech USA
The Nuts & Honey Bar from Biotech USA is an exquisite snack that will make your snacks the...
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Perfect! bar presentation of 120g made by Hypertrophy in the section of carb snacks
Perfect! bar - 120gHypertrophy
Perfect Bar! by Hypertrophy Nutrition is a handmade oatmeal bar with a high fiber and...
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Nuts & fruit bar - 40g
Nuts & fruit bar - 40gBiotech USA
BiotechUSA Nuts & Fruits Bar is a delicious bar, an excellent source of concentrated...
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Super fruit bar of 30g within carb snacks of the manufacturer Biotech USA
Super fruit bar - 30gBiotech USA
Super Fruit Bar from BiotechUSA is a fruit bar with a high content of carbohydrates and fiber....
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Bio natural bar of 50g in the category carb snacks made by Weider
Bio natural bar - 50gWeider
- 5 %
Bio Natural Bar by Weider is an energy bar made in an ecological way. They contain natural,...
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Mega Power Bar package of 68g in the section of carb snacks of the manufacturer Nutrisport
Mega Power Bar - 68gNutrisport
Mega Power Bar from Nutrisport provides a number of calories ideal for boosting the metabolic...
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Protein wafer 40% presentation of 45g of the manufacturer ProCell in the section of carb snacks
Protein wafer 40% - 45gProCell
Protein Wafer Bar 40% by Procell is a wafer-type bar with a delicious flavor based on milk...
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Why buy carbohydrate bars?

Buying carbohydrate bars at masmusculo.com allows you to save a large amount of money. The prices we offer are really incredible, plus we apply discounts and special offers at certain times of the year. In our store you will find the best carbohydrate bars . The consumption of a carbohydrate bar after training provides us with the nutrients that allow us to gain muscle mass or weight that we are looking for in our workouts.

These bars are packed with high-quality nutrients and are the perfect alternative to avoiding unhealthy sources of carbohydrates , something you often fall for, whether you're in a hurry to eat something quickly or because you're unaware that there are healthy and nutritious options out there. , which do not stop providing a great flavor and delight for the palate.

Some types of cereal bars

Oat bars or Flapjack

As this cereal is one of the best and most natural sources of complex carbohydrates , it provides no less than three hours of maximum energy, which you can take advantage of in your training to increase the weight load or repetitions. They also ensure easy and rapid digestion due to their high fiber content. They are perfect for people who do intense physical exercise, since their carbohydrate requirements rise to 70% of their diet. These bars have the benefit of not containing hydrogenated or animal fats, so they help build lean muscle mass.

Gluten free bars

When we consider what are the main sources of carbohydrates , we must not forget that there are sportsmen and athletes who are celiac or who have simply decided to stay away from gluten. That is why there are bars with proteins, carbohydrates, very low fat content, with an exceptional flavor, but free of gluten and also of sugar. By consuming them, the body only gets benefits.

fruit trees

Whether it's with apples and raisins, a classic combination, the best carbohydrates to gain muscle mass are present in this unique alternative to energy candy, but very high in fat and sugar. These bars have up to 65% natural fruits, providing fibers and carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed and, therefore, have a fast effect as well. Their ingredients make them suitable for vegetarians.

Lightly Salted and with Cocoa

It would have been unthinkable that such an explosive and sober flavor turned out to be one of the healthiest snacks you can have. The ingredients are 100% natural, even the sugar they contain is also natural. This option does not contain nuts, so it can be eaten during exercise.