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Cacao en Polvo

Cocoa Powder is obtained from the fruit of Theobroma L. which is a tree native to tropical regions of the American continent. It is used to create the chocolate itself, to give chocolate flavor to various foods, to create milkshakes, milkshakes or in the preparation of desserts.

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THE BEST PRICEFitquick cocoa zero pack of 500g by AllNutrition supplement of cacao en polvo
Fitquick cocoa zero - 500gAllNutrition
Fitquick Cocoa Zero from AllNutrition is a delicious cocoa-based powder drink, standing out...
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NewProcao instant - 500g
Procao instant - 500gLifePRO
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Enjoy the authentic flavor of cocoa with Procao Instant from LifePRO. This powder preparation...
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Pure cocoa of 400g by LifePRO - cacao en polvo
Pure cocoa - 400gLifePRO
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Pure Cocoa from Life Pro Nutrition is a food supplement made from defatted and alkalized cocoa...
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THE BEST PRICEDefatted pure cocoa - 275g
Defatted Pure Cocoa - 275gEcoSana
Defatted Pure Cocoa Bio from Ecosana is a nutritious drink, with the exquisite taste of cocoa,...
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Cocoa bio pack of 175g in the category cacao en polvo of the brand Drasanvi
Cocoa bio - 175gDrasanvi
Drasanvi Bio Cocoa is a food supplement made from pure cocoa powder, ideal for incorporating in...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
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Why buy cocoa powder?

Cocoa Powder originates from the cocoa fruit, or Theobroma L, which is native to various tropical regions of South America. It was introduced in Europe by the Spaniards at the time of the conquest.

It is obtained when the fat, known as cocoa butter, is removed from the cocoa beans during processing. The remaining dry solids of the product are the ones that are ground, obtaining what is known as Cocoa Powder.

It can often be confused with chocolate itself. However they are different. Cocoa is the very essence with which chocolate is made, which is obtained with a combination of cocoa butter, sugars and even milk.

Cocoa Powder has the solid essence of cocoa, with a much lower level of butter. It gives a deep flavor to desserts, milkshakes or various foods. It is a healthy option to enjoy the taste of chocolate, without including fatty materials or sugar.

At MASmusculo we have the best organic versions made with the highest quality, which is also taken to obtain more energy thanks to its high content of flavonoids.

The main benefits of cocoa

  • It has a low fat content.
  • Provides chocolate flavor and aroma to desserts, beverages and various foods.
  • We have organic and high quality options.

Most common presentations

At MASmusculo we have Cocoa Powder in containers of different sizes. You can find it in presentations of 180 g, 250 g, 400 g, 500 g and even 1 kg.

How is cocoa powder used?

Cocoa powder can be added to any food you want to add flavor to. It is usually consumed with milk, vegetable drinks or in smoothies. It can also be added to ice cream or homemade dessert recipes. It is not necessary to use an excessive amount in a preparation.

What are the best brands?

Our catalog at MASmusculo has cocoa from manufacturers that work based on high-quality standards. They use cocoa of organic origin, and pure, without additives or additional components. These include El Granero Integral, Organica Superfoods, Biocop, Gudgreen, PB2, Servivita, Ecosana, Wonder Fit, Torras, BioSpirit, Sakai and FITstyle.

Why buy cocoa at MASmusculo?

At MASmusculo we work with favorable products for your quality of life. This includes sports supplements, accessories and even food products. We include in our catalog those that have been made with the best quality, and that have the best value for money.

You can count on a delivery within 24 hours, in the Spanish territory and with a very simple return policy. If you don't like what you bought, you just have to return it and your money will be refunded, as explained in the terms and conditions.