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Buy the healthiest flours

Healthy flours are alternatives to traditional refined white flours that are mostly used in bakery and pastry products. While these are made with wheat, corn or rye, these other flours are obtained from coconut, almond, buckwheat, chestnut or teff.

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62% dtoWhole Spelled Flour - 500g
Whole Spelled Flour - 500gEcoSana
Organic Whole Spelled Flour from Ecosana, is a high fiber food supplement, made with a formula...
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Organic almond flour - 375g keto
Organic almond flour - 375g ketoDrasanvi
Drasanvi BIO Almond Flour is a keto food supplement made with blanched almonds from organic...
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Carob flour bio - 350 g
Carob Flour Bio - 350 gEl Granero Integral
Carob Flour Bio from El Granero Integral is a nutritious and surprisingly sweet food, you can...
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21% dtoIntegral teff flour bio - 500 g
Integral Teff Flour Bio - 500 gEl Granero Integral
Integral Teff Flour Bio from El Granero Integral is food product of a high nutritional value...
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17% dtoIntegral spelled flour bio - 1 kg
Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour - 1 kgEl Granero Integral
Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral has an exquisite fine texture and its...
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Integral rye flour bio - 1 kg
Bio Whole Rye Flour - 1 kgEl Granero Integral
This is a wonderful rye flour, with its own unbeatable properties since it is a very good source...
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Organic almond flour - 500g
Organic almond flour - 500gEcoSana
Bio Almond Flour from Ecosana, is a flour rich in fiber, made with a formula based on blanched...
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Carob flour - 350g
Carob flour - 350gEcoSana
Organic Carob Flour from Ecosana is a 100% natural flour based on carob fruit from organic...
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Organic quinoa flour - 500g
Organic quinoa flour - 500gEcoSana
Bio Quinoa Flour from Ecosana, is a food supplement that is obtained through quinoa seeds from...
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Organic white spelled flour - 1kg
Organic white spelled flour - 1kgEcoSana
Organic White Spelled Flour from Ecosana is a 100% organic flour rich in minerals, amino acids...
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Organic wholemeal spelled flour - 1kg
Organic wholemeal spelled flour - 1kgEcoSana
Organic Whole Spelled Flour from Ecosana, is a high fiber food supplement, made with a formula...
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Corn meal - 500g
Cornmeal - 500gEcoSana
Cornmeal from Ecosana is a product that nourishes your body naturally through the grinding of...
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Chickpea flour - 350g
Chickpea flour - 350gBiocop
Bio Chickpea Flour from Bio Vitagral is a certified organic food product based on one of the...
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Organic white wheat flour - 1kg
Organic white wheat flour - 1kgEcoSana
Ecosana Organic White Wheat Flour is a natural flour made from pure wheat and 100% organic; it...
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18% dtoWhole wheat meal - 1kg
Whole wheat meal - 1kgEcoSana
Whole wheat meal from Ecosana is a product made from whole wheat meal with wheat from organic...
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Potato starch - 250g
Potato starch - 250gSantiveri
Santiveri Potato Starch is a vegetable thickener made up of a formula based on potato flour,...
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Why buy healthy flours?

Flour is a generally white powder that results from the grinding of cereals such as wheat, oats, barley or bran. They are commonly used in the preparation of bread, pasta and industrial pastries in general. They are usually an important source of carbohydrates in the diet.

However, the industry produces what is known as refined white flour, which due to its extreme processing has a lower level of nutrition. In addition, its excessive consumption is usually one of the most important factors of weight gain.

For those who want to avoid this type of processed flour, there are our healthy flours , which are an option with a higher nutritional content. They are obtained from the grinding of less usual ingredients such as coconut, carob, sweet potato, rye, teff, and chickpeas, among others. This results in flours with a higher nutritional index and a good satiety capacity, thanks to its fiber content.

These can be used to make the same things that are made with traditional flours. But they have a lower index in body volume. That is why they are usually consumed as part of a more balanced diet.

Main benefits

  • They can replace white flour.
  • They have a lower glycemic index.
  • They contain vegetable proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • They promote a balanced diet.

Presentations of these flours

It is possible to find healthy flours in packages of 450g, 500g or 1kg. They are basic amounts that can cover the needs in the use of flour in the kitchen. They can be used to prepare homemade foods such as breads, cookies or can even be used as a thickener for a delicious sauce.

All that is required is to resort to different recipes to take advantage of all its nutritional content in daily meals. They are a healthy source of energy and also offer a high level of satiety.

How are they consumed?

They can be used to replace the consumption of refined white flour. They are now frequently eaten by people committed to maintaining a healthy eating style. They are an abundant source of nutrients, important for obtaining lasting energy, with a low impact on body weight.

What are the best brands?

At MASmusculo we care about offering varied options for a healthy and high-quality diet. You can find in our catalog brands that work with the highest production standards and that use organic ingredients to ensure the greatest contribution of nutrients. You can find top quality products from Ecosana , El Granero Integral , BioSpirit , Biocop.

Why should you buy healthy flours at MASmusculo?

At MASmusculo we are committed to providing the best options for a healthy life. That's why we work with manufacturers that use top quality methods in their production, and carefully selected organic ingredients. This applies to both supplements and existing foods in our catalogue. If you need other flours for your daily life, we have varied and complete options that you can get right now.