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Bio sauces and syrups

Sauces and syrups are two elements that generally contribute to making your meals even more delicious. While sauces bring out the flavor of your favorite dishes, syrups give your desserts a touch of flavor and special sweetness that makes everything else stand out.

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10% dtoAgave syrup bio - 360 g
Agave syrup bio - 360 gEl Granero Integral
Have you ever felt like eating something so sweet that it can fill you with energy in a matter...
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Agave syrup bio - 900ml
Syrup Agave Bio - 900 mlEcoSana
Syrup Agave Bio from EcoSana is a food product used to sweeten any type of dessert or other...
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Agave syrup bio - 500ml
Agave syrup bio - 500mlEcoSana
Ecosana Bio Agave Syrup is a food product used to sweeten any type of dessert or other...
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Agave syrup bio - 250ml
Agave syrup bio - 250mlEcoSana
Ecosana Bio Agave Syrup is a food product used to sweeten any type of dessert or other...
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What are syrups and sauces?

Syrups are syrups that are extracted from plants or fruits that subsequently have a special treatment in order to eliminate much of the water and concentrate its flavor and the sugars it has. This makes them thick in texture and they are generally used in the preparation of some desserts, although they are also used as accompaniments to other types of food, depending on the taste or preference of the consumer. Sauces, on the other hand, are liquid preparations that mix a variety of ingredients in order to provide greater flavor, enriching culinary preparations. Sauces are usually thick, however this can vary depending on the ingredients.

Are syrups and sauces healthy?

Very often, both syrups and sauces contain a considerable content of sugars and fats, respectively; Most of these preparations are prepared based on oils or ingredients high in calories or fats that are not so healthy for the body, so many people must sacrifice their consumption to adhere to a healthier diet that provides better benefits; most of the time sacrificing the good taste of food. But despite that, there are healthy alternatives, sauces and syrups totally free of calories and sugars such as Bio.

What advantages does Bio offer in its syrups and sauces?

Bio offers a variety of sauces and syrups, which have been prepared taking into account all possible healthy aspects, so as to offer a beneficial product for the body, rich in flavors, that enrich your meals without sacrificing flavor or quality in your diet. . Bio products have managed to create syrups and sauces without calories, sugars, fats or carbohydrates, which allows them to be consumed without affecting your health in any way. Likewise, these Bio preparations are natural that can be used in the preparation of your favorite meals or desserts.

Does syrup or sauce lose flavor when it is healthy?

In no way, in fact, Bio has taken this aspect very much into account, so that not only is a healthy product offered, but at the same time they have an excellent taste that makes your diet, something much more pleasant and delicious to taste. . The syrups and sauces made by Bio offer quality and a delicious flavor that will make your meals not only a healthy experience, but also an exquisite one. These products have no side effects or contraindications that may affect the consumer, but can be enjoyed in their entirety without worrying about any consequences, rather than enjoying a delicious and healthy meal.