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Vegetal Milk

Plant-based beverages are healthy foods. They can be a good substitute for milk for those who are lactose intolerant, providing a multitude of nutrients to the body.

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Coconut milk bio - 400ml
Coconut milk bio - 400mlEcoSana
Ecosana Bio Coconut Milk is a food product rich in nutrients and with a delicate flavor, great...
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dietavena 1l
Dietvena - 1 lNovadiet
Dietvena by Novadiet is an oat milk with extraordinary properties and nutrients, ideal to...
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Soya cuisine bio pack of 250ml of Santiveri in the category vegetal milk
Soya cuisine bio - 250mlSantiveri
Soya Cuisine Bio by Santiveri is a vegetable alternative to liquid cream, gluten and lactose...
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What are vegetable drinks?

Vegetables are foods that include vegetables, and legumes, however, in the food pyramid, fruits, nuts, cereals, algae, among other similar ones, are also included in this group. They have the ability to synthesize their own food with which they are nourished, through the process of photosynthesis. This makes vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the body and in which their consumption is essential for building a healthy life, providing many benefits. The consumption of vegetables has become a lifestyle, in which many people voluntarily refrain from consuming any other type of food. This is known as vegetarianism.

What is the vegetable drink?

The vegetable drink is one that has been extracted precisely from vegetable elements such as rice, soybeans, oats, cereals; and there are even vegetable drinks that are extracted from nuts such as almonds or walnuts. This food is often consumed as an alternative to milk of animal origin, which generally cannot be consumed by people with lactose intolerance. Its consumption is safe for anyone and does not cause any adverse reactions in the body.

What do vegetable drinks contain?

Like the one that is of animal origin, such as cow's milk; the vegetable drink contains a large amount of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. This type of milk offers notable benefits for the body, as it also has a high content of fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, fatty acids, omega 3, vitamin B1 and B2 and vitamin D; however, it is clear that much of the nutritional value of the vegetable drink will be determined by the type of raw material squeezed. The vegetable drink has been increasing in popularity, the number of people who prefer to consume this food has multiplied in recent years, especially in those people who have a diet limited to only consuming foods of vegetable origin.

What are the benefits of consuming vegetable drinks?

The plant-based drink is essentially a healthy food, its main benefit is in the fact that it does not have annoying side effects such as those that a lactose intolerant person may experience when consuming milk of animal origin. The vegetable drink is free of these risks, so its consumption is safe and does not affect the body in any way. Another point in favor is that the nutritional value of the vegetable drink is remarkable, although this depends a lot on the raw material from which it is extracted, they generally provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals, among other vital nutrients for the body. . Therefore it is a good food, from which healthy benefits can be obtained.