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Meal replacement shake powders

Meal replacements are supplements created with multiple vitamins and nutrients, which have been designed to replace one of the daily meals or to be used for convenience when we have time to make a meal.

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Quest Bar Protein - 60g
Quest Bar Protein - 60gQuest Nutrition
Quest Bar Protein from Quest Nutrition is the whey protein bar of the highest quality and better...
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Oat & Whey - 1380 g Scitec Nutrition - 1
Oat & Whey - 1380 gScitec Nutrition
Oat 'n' Whey It is a perfect food, and that says it all! Its formulation provides a complete and...
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Lady meal delicious - 1kg
Lady Meal Delicious - 1kgBeverly Nutrition for Her
Lady Meal Delicious designed by Beverly Women is a delicious protein shake with whey concentrate....
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Diet shake - 720g
Diet shake - 720gBiotech USA
Diet Shake from BiotechUSA is a food preparation created to help lose weight, promote the...
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7% dto THE BEST PRICEPerfect meal - 500g
Perfect meal - 500gBe Essential
Perfect Meal by Be Essential, is a product that helps you with your weight control. It is rich...
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Keto Powder Shake - 600 g
Keto Powder Shake - 600 gAmix Nutrition
- 10 %
Keto Powder Shake from Amix Nutrition is ​​a delicious-tasting dietary supplement that...
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16% dtoProtein oatmeal - 1000g
Protein oatmeal - 1000gBiotech USA
Protein Oatmeal from BiotechUSA is a food supplement with high protein content, made from the...
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Vegan oat bar - 50g
Vegan oat bar - 50g226ERS
Vegan Oat Bar from 226ERS, is a delicious and nutritious bar with a high content of fats,...
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5% dtoProtein cream pack 3 pots - 135g
Protein Cream Pack 3 pots - 135gNutrisport
Protein Cream Pack 3 pots from Nutrisport is a delicious low calorie cream with a good protein...
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Protein Porridge - 1.5 kg Vikika Gold by Amix - 1
Protein Porridge - 1.5 kgVikika Gold by Amix
- 10 %
Protein Porridge from Vikika Gold by Amix is a delicious and nutritious meal-replacement...
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Top power 24 sachets - 60g + shaker
Top power 24 sachets - 60g + shakerNutrisport
Top power 24 sachets by Nutrisport is a nutritional supplement that will provide your daily diet...
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One meal pack 2 terrine - 290g
One Meal Pack 2 Pots - 290 gNutrisport
One Meal Pack 2 Pots from Nutrisport is an incredibly nutritious and delicious new food that...
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Reduced pricelight nova  6 sobres - choco
Light nova - 6 envelopesNovadiet
LIGHT NOVA CHOCOLATE 6 NOVADIET sachets in box format with 6 sachets of 35 g
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Ergynutril - 300g
Ergynutril - 300 gLaboratorios Nutergia
Ergynutril from Nutergia Laboratories is a high-quality food supplement that combines 2...
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Satisfying shake - 700g
Satisfying Shakes - 700 gSotya Health Supplements
Satisfying Shakes from Sotya Health Supplements contains 25% protein from milk, vitamins and...
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Reduced pricedesayun 400 gr
Desayun - 400 grNovadiet
Novadiet's breakfast is loaded with nutrients that will give you the energy and vitality to...
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Fitmeal bar - 37,5g
Fitmeal bar - 37,5gNutrisport
FitMeal Bar from NutriSport is a delicious and nutritious bar made with a formula based on 23%...
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Fitmeal drink - 330ml
Fitmeal drink - 330mlNutrisport
NutriSport FitMeal Drink Shake is a ready-to-drink meal replacement shake. It provides...
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NewZero remordimientos - 520g
Zero remordimientos - 520gDrasanvi
Drasanvi Zero Remorse Substitute Shake is a food supplement made with a formula based on whey...
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Replacement shakes (meal replacements) are your quick option to replace a meal, with all the nutrients and properties you need

Meal replacements have been created to offer the vitamins, minerals and proteins that the body needs in a concentrated form, through an easy-to-consume shake. They are very useful if you are on a diet to lose weight, which proposes skipping at least one of the daily meals, so as not to experience the desire to eat. They also offer a healthy alternative to eating nutritiously when you're away from home.

What are substitute foods?

Meal replacements are often confused with substitute foods. Both seek to provide a healthy diet, but they are different things. The second consist of the replacement that is made in a diet, for healthier and more nutritious versions.

For example, when corn oil is replaced by olive oil. It also happens when you switch from ordinary milk cheese to tofu, which is soy milk cheese. They are more expensive options, which point to better nutrition.

What is a food supplement?

Despite being sold in the same stores as meal replacements, dietary supplements are not the same. They are products that complement a balanced diet, and that offer a reinforcement of special properties. But unlike the former, they do not replace a meal, since their properties are not multiple, but rather specific.

What are replacement shakes?

It is another way of referring to substitute foods, since they are also used to replace a meal. They are powdered products that are mixed with milk, and are often flavored with sweet tastes, although this can vary with each manufacturer. They are ideal to start the day or snack.

When to use supplements that replace a meal?

Although their purpose is useful, they must be used according to a complete plan, which includes exercises. It is not convenient to use them continuously, nor should they replace food . The most successful thing is that they are used to supply a meal in the day, but never all. It is a good option to consume in the office at lunchtime or for convenience when it is difficult for us to eat a meal.