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Preserved fish

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REBAJASNatural Tuna - 1 kg (Bag)
Natural Tuna - 1 kg (Bag)Frinsa
Natural Tuna from Ribeira is the natural tuna with highest quality and highest protein value on...
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REBAJAS6% dtoNatural Tuna - 160 g
Natural Tuna - 160 gFrinsa
This Natural Light Tuna from Frinsa will provide you with top quality tuna, which preserves its...
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REBAJAS6% dtoNatural hake - 160g
Natural hake - 160gFrinsa
Hake in Natural Frinsa is a natural food that consists of excellent quality Cape hake, combined...
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REBAJAS5% dtoNatural salmon - 160g Ribeira  - 1
Natural salmon - 160gFrinsa
Natural Salmon by Frinsa is a canned salmon from Norway, without skin or bones. It is ready to...
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REBAJASNatural salmon - 160g
Natural Salmon - 160gFrinsa
Natural Salmon from Ribeira is a red salmon from Norway, natural, high protein and 100%...
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REBAJAS5% dtoWhite tuna from the north - 160g
White tuna from the north - 160gFrinsa
Bonito del Norte al Natural de Frinsa is 100% natural northern bonito with mineral water and...
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Norwegian salmon - 160g
Norwegian salmon - 160gQuamtrax
This Norwegian Salmon from Quamtrax brings you 81% skinless Atlantic salmon, which has been...
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REBAJASMackerel fillets bio - 195 g
Bio Mackerel Fillets - 195 gEl Granero Integral
Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral is essentially an...
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REBAJASBonito del norte al natural - 160g
Natural Albacore- 160g - Ribeira Frinsa
Natural Albacore by Ribeira is a natural source of protein that will provide you with optimal...
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REBAJASFillet of salmon bio - 195 g
Fillet of salmon bio - 195 gEl Granero Integral
The Organic Salmon Fillets from El Granero Integral are delicious and nutritious fillets made...
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REBAJASSalmon fillets - 195g
Salmon Fillets - 195 gBiocop
These exquisite Salmon Fillets from Biocop should be part of your daily menu. Well, it is a...
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REBAJASTuna steaks bio - 195 g
Tuna Steaks Bio - 195 gEl Granero Integral
Tuna Steaks Bio from El Granero Integral contains excellent nutritional properties, which...
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REBAJASSardines - 180g
Sardines - 180gBiocop
Sardines from Biocop, 100% handmade, is ready to eat instantly with whatever you want and at the...
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