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The canned foods for sale in the MASmusculo store are natural and nutritious foods that have been packaged in sealed containers so that the products last longer without losing all their nutritional properties.

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5% dtoNatural salmon - 160g Ribeira  - 1
Natural salmon - 160gFrinsa
Natural Salmon by Frinsa is a canned salmon from Norway, without skin or bones. It is ready to...
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6% dtoNatural Tuna in 160 g of the brand Frinsa in the section of preserved fish
Natural Tuna - 160 gFrinsa
This Natural Light Tuna from Frinsa will provide you with top quality tuna, which preserves its...
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Natural salmon - 160g
Natural Salmon - 160gFrinsa
Natural Salmon from Ribeira is a red salmon from Norway, natural, high protein and 100%...
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5% dtoWhite tuna from the north presentation of 160g in the group of preserved fish of the manufacturer Frinsa
White tuna from the north - 160gFrinsa
Bonito del Norte al Natural de Frinsa is 100% natural northern bonito with mineral water and...
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OUTLET25% dtoBonito del norte al natural - 160g
Natural Albacore- 160g - Ribeira Frinsa
Ends in
Natural Albacore by Ribeira is a natural source of protein that will provide you with optimal...
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Canned Chicken Breast - 100g
Canned Chicken Breast - 100gDiet Premium
Canned Chicken Breast from Diet Premium Burger es un exquisito suplemento dietético que te...
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6% dtoNatural hake in 160g in the group of preserved fish of the manufacturer Frinsa
Natural hake - 160gFrinsa
Hake in Natural Frinsa is a natural food that consists of excellent quality Cape hake, combined...
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6% dtoNatural chicken - 160g Ribeira  - 1
Natural chicken - 160gFrinsa
Natural Chicken by Frinsa is a fresh breast of a natural chicken with an excellent consistency....
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6% dtoNatural turkey breast - 160g Ribeira  - 1
Natural turkey breast - 160gFrinsa
Natural Turkey Breast by Frinsa is a 100% natural and healthy food which is ready to eat at any...
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Canned foods: essential ingredients to make nutritious and very delicious meals

Canned foods are those that have been sealed in cans or jars of different types, in order to preserve them for a long time at room temperature. Food preservation has roots in distant times, when there were no refrigerators or many means of preserving food. But today it is a very important part of the food industry, which constantly provides them as one more option within the groceries at home.

How are homemade preserves made?

Canned foods can include cooked vegetables, fruits, and meats. That is, all those that if not preserved in some way will inevitably deteriorate. There are many details that must be taken into account to prevent degradation conditions from starting to act.

Generally speaking, these include cooking and sealing in vacuum containers, releasing any air gaps and preventing re-formation. It often involves devices that exert pressure on the container, to achieve these preservation conditions. Foods are usually closed in a medium such as oil or vinegar, which also maintain the food's immutability.

How are canned vegetables made?

According to the various methods that give rise to canned foods, vegetables usually go through pre-cooking before being packaged in some way. Sometimes pressure cookers are used, or the bain-marie mode is used to soften them to the right point. After this they are mostly sealed in vinegar, in a vacuum flask.

How are fruit preserves made?

Canned foods can also include fruits. These, too, have to be cooked in some way, although they are sometimes brought to a deep boil with the intention of turning them into some kind of sweet. Finally, when sealing them in a jar, the last thing that changes is the medium, which logically must be sweet as syrup.

So what are canned foods?

Canned foods or canned foods are foods that will be preserved over time, without the need to enter them in cold rooms or freeze them in any way. They are useful for daily meals and are also important for preparing family stockpiles and reserve plans. They offer long-lasting and long-lasting nutritional properties.