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pancakes and crepes

If you don't know where to find your breakfast items, you're in the right place. Pancakes, pancakes and crepes at MASmusculo. The online store specializing in products for fitness athletes.

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THE BEST PRICEPreparation of egg-white's protein pancakes and oats presentation of 1 kg in the category pancakes and crepes by PROU Egg Protei
Preparation of egg-white's protein pancakes and oats - 1 kgPROU Egg Protein
Preparation of egg-white's protein pancakes and oats from PR-OU is a delicious and rich option...
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12% dtoProtein Pancake Mix - 600g
Protein Pancake Mix - 600gWeider
- 5 %
Protein Pancake Mix from Weider is an integral flour preparation, rich in protein and fiber, to...
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WITH DISCOUNT40% dto THE BEST PRICEOriginal Pancakes in 1000 g of IO.Genix - pancakes and crepes
Original Pancakes - 1000 gIO.Genix
Original Pancakes from I.O.Genix are the fastest and easiest to prepare because they have long...
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Oatmeal and Egg White Pancakes - 500 g PR-OU Egg Protein - 5
Oatmeal and Egg White Pancakes - 500 gPROU Egg Protein
Oatmeal and Egg White Pancakes from PR-OU Egg Protein is a food supplement that provides a...
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Protein Crepes presentation of 520 g supplement of pancakes and crepes made by Amix Mr. Poppers
Protein Crepes - 520 gAmix Mr. Poppers
- 10 %
Protein Crepes from Amix Mr. Poppers is a supplement that has been specially designed for the...
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Fruit and fiber syrup - 250ml
Fruit and Fiber Syrup - 250mlWeider
- 5 %
Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider is a nutritional supplement made with 100% natural fruits....
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Sweet Potato Clean Carbs pack of 1 kg of the manufacturer Amix Mr. Poppers in the category pancakes and crepes
Sweet Potato Clean Carbs - 1 kgAmix Mr. Poppers
- 10 %
Sweet Potato Clean Carbs from Amix Mr. Poppers is ​​a mixture based on a sweet potato powder,...
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WITH DISCOUNT THE BEST PRICESweet potato flour of 1 kg of the brand IO.Genix in the category pancakes and crepes
Sweet potato flour - 1 kgIO.Genix
Sweet Potato Flour from Iogenix is a food with great antioxidant power that can be consumed by...
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39% dtoProtein Pancake pack of 1036g by Scitec Nutrition in the section of pancakes and crepes
Protein Pancake - 1036gScitec Nutrition
Protein Pancake by Scitec Nutrition allows you to make delicious proteins pancakes of the...
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Products for fitness breakfast

Now your breakfasts can have a fun and very tasty note thanks to pancakes, tortillas and crepes that are low in calories and high in nutrients. We tell you all about these incredible preparations designed to treat your palate and improve your training by providing nutrients.


The key for this preparation to become a nutritious food is that they have been made with oatmeal. The properties of this cereal are endless. We can start by saying that it reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and is an incomparable ally when it comes to losing weight by eliminating accumulated fat. By generating a gratifying feeling of satiety, it prevents you from having meals between meals that can make you fat. So when you need a snack, you can turn to them, managing to lose weight while you eat. Oatmeal also provides significant amounts of energy, which will make you have more desire and strength to train. This food makes your body on your side when it's time to work the muscles with a significant load of weight.


An athlete has a very large energy loss and if he does not replace what he lost, the result will be counterproductive, since he can end up losing muscle mass instead of gaining it. That is why the tortilla is one of the "allowed" foods, moreover, we can even say that it is recommended for athletes who work their body. It is important that it is made with boiled potatoes, to avoid excess calories and other contraindications of frying. The eggs that bind the omelette will provide you with the highest quality protein to build your muscles from a solid and lasting foundation. In addition, the egg is a powerful antidepressant, so you will always want to go to the gym to train.


This preparation is made with micronized oatmeal and also has a chocolate flavored version. The benefits of this ingredient is that it releases energy progressively, thus making it a perfect food to consume before training, so we will ensure that we will have the necessary strength throughout the session. At the same time, it is a perfect complement to the diet and, being micronized, it is absorbed more quickly. The crepe preparations are one hundred percent natural, so it includes all the properties of oats and enhances them.