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carbohydrate complex

A Carbohydrate Complex offers the ideal support to reinforce energy levels in a healthy and complete way. They are important in all kinds of sports disciplines to preserve glycogen levels and promote physical performance.

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Carbo nox - 1000g
Carbo nox - 1000gOlimp Sport
Carbo NOX by Olimp Sport has a formula of carbohydrates, especially to replace the loss of...
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10% dtoCarbo mix xxl presentation of 2kg by VitoBest supplement of carbohydrate complex
Carbo mix xxl - 2kgVitoBest
- 100 %
Carbo Mix XXL from Vitobest has an advanced formulation based on high-quality carbohydrates,...
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33% dto THE BEST PRICECarbonox - 3,5 kg
Carbonox - 3,5 kgOlimp Sport
Carbohydrate for glycogen recovery formula! Carbonox, the successor of Carbo Olimp Nutrition ®,...
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41% dtoCarboX - 1000 g
CarboX - 1000 gBiotech USA
CarboX is an innovative complex with five different forms of carbohydrates, including...
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31% dtoSupercarb xpress of 1kg supplement of the section carbohydrate complex made by Scitec Nutrition
Supercarb xpress - 1kgScitec Nutrition
Scitec Nutrition SuperCarb Xpress is a carbohydrate-based food preparation. Enriched with...
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10% dtoPalatinose powder presentation of 2kg made by VitoBest - carbohydrate complex
Palatinose powder - 2kgVitoBest
- 100 %
Palatinose Powder from Vitobest is a food supplement based on 100% palatinose. A powder...
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THE BEST PRICECarbo energy - 1650g
Carbo Energy - 1650 gNutrisport
Carbo Energy from NutriSport is a food supplement that provides an amount of fast-digesting...
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Actif carbo load of 700ml in the category carbohydrate complex of the brand QNT
Actif carbo load - 700mlQNT
Actif Carbo Load by QNT is a food supplement rich in carbohydrates made with a composition based...
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Why buy complex carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are essential nutrients that the body transforms into glucose, which is the body's main source of energy. There are complex carbohydrates that are slowly assimilated and are present in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They are the least likely to increase blood sugar levels.

There are also the simple ones, which are rapidly absorbed by the body and do rapidly increase blood glucose levels.

A high-carbohydrate diet is used to support endurance levels and high-intensity intermittent performance, due to the extra storage of carbohydrate in the muscles and liver, known as glycogen. Athletes consume them to replenish their levels, especially during times of intense training or during competition.

In exercise routines that last more than an hour, it can help with performance and delay signs of fatigue. They are the form of energy that the human body breaks down and metabolizes most effectively.

Carbohydrate Complexes are taken to supplement carbohydrate levels in the body in a practical way, to ensure that sufficient energy is available for exercise. Many of these have a balance between fast, medium and long assimilation.

You can find the best Carbohydrate Complexes at MASmusculo, specially created to promote your energy levels during your training. They will be very useful in any physical activity in which you perform.

The main benefits:

  • They boost energy levels.
  • They replenish glycogen in the body.
  • They are assimilated quickly, medium or slowly, according to personal needs.

How do complex carbohydrates work?

The digestive system breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, or blood sugar. The bloodstream then absorbs the glucose and uses it for energy so the body can function.

The chemical structure of a food and how quickly the body assimilates it will determine whether it is a simple or complex carbohydrate.

Complexes are the least likely to cause blood sugar spikes. They are the ones that are generally recommended to be consumed since they are accompanied by vitamins, minerals and fiber that are nutrients that the body needs.

On the other hand, the simple ones are assimilated into the body quickly, raising blood glucose levels. Its improper consumption can increase body volume and be a source of health alterations.

Each type of carbohydrate should be ingested according to personal needs. They are usually properly balanced in the highest quality Complex Carbohydrates.


These Complex Carbs usually come in a micronized powder that is very easy to prepare. Or they even come in the form of ready-to-drink soft drinks. The former are usually available in hermetically sealed bags or in cans ranging from 1 kg to 3 kg. The latter can come in bottles with a capacity of 500 to 700 ml. In some cases they are also available in sachets that facilitate their dosage.

How are complex carbohydrates taken?

The correct intake of Carbohydrate Complexes will depend largely on the dose recommended in each case. They are usually taken before or after training. In the first case it is to help in the levels of resistance necessary for physical activity. In the second case, it is taken to favor the recovery of glycogen levels.

What are the best brands?

Proposals abound in Carbohydrate Complexes, but only those of the highest quality can be useful for every athlete. That is why at MASmusculo we have those that we know are made in the best way, with high-quality ingredients and under the best production criteria.

The brands that work for us in this way are Olimp Sport, VitoBest, ActivLab, QNT; Best Protein, Nutrisport, Biotech USA, Peak, PowerBar and Scietec Nutrition.

Why should you buy your carbohydrate supplements at MASmusculo?

At MASmusculo we know that you need carbohydrates to perform well in your training or in a sports competition. And as it happens with all our complements, we prioritize quality so that you really receive the help you need.

Whatever product you buy, you just have to keep in mind that:

  • We work with high quality products.
  • We have an incomparable price.
  • You will receive your order within 24 hours in Spain.

To this is added the possibility of returning what you bought if for some reason you do not like it. As explained in the Terms and Conditions, you just have to return it and we will refund your money.

Our goal is that you have the best, through 100% safe products, at competitive prices. We are at your disposal through Web Chat or Whatsapp, to answer all your queries. Contact us now!