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Maltodextrin is a fast assimilation carbohydrate that athletes consume to ensure quick energy and a good level of resistance when exercising. At MASmusculo we have food supplements made from high-quality maltodextrin for intense training and with the best results.

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33% dtoMaltodextrin - 2kg
Maltodextrin - 2kgMASmusculo Fit Line
Discover the power of maltodextrin from MASmusculo Fit Line, a food product formulated based on...
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10% dtoMaltodextrin - 1.8 kg
Maltodextrin - 2 kgVitoBest
- 100 %
Maltodextrin Vitobest  is a nutritional supplement that maintains energy during training and...
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WITH DISCOUNT40% dto THE BEST PRICEMaltodextrin presentation of 1 kg of the brand IO.Genix
Maltodextrin - 1 kgIO.Genix
Maltodextrin from IO.Genix is an incredible supplement that will give you energy beyond what...
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15% dto100% maltodextrin - 2500g
100% Maltodextrin - 2500gBest Protein
100% Maltodextrin from Best Protein is an ideal nutritional supplement to increase endurance and...
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Maltodextrin package of complex carbohydrate of the brand Quamtrax
Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) - 500 gQuamtrax
Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) from Quamtrax Direct is a carbohydrate complex designed...
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12% dtoMaltodextrin of 1kg by Victory Endurance
Maltodextrin - 1kgVictory Endurance
- 5 %
Weider Maltodextrin is a food supplement made up of a maltodextrin-based formula, a source of...
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Why buy Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is fundamentally a fast-absorbing carbohydrate in the body. It is taken by athletes who practice activities that involve strength or resistance because it provides immediate energy, preserving the body's hydration.

It is obtained by processing ingredients such as wheat, corn, rice, or potato starch, making it 100% natural. The process that results in maltodextrin involves cooking, after which enzymes are added that contribute to the breakdown process. The result is a white, water-soluble powder that initially has a neutral taste.

At MASmusculo we have a wide variety of maltodextrins made with high quality, from organic ingredients. If you want effective support for your exercise performance, you will surely find the one that is perfect for you.

The main benefits of Maltodextrin

  • Provides immediate energy.
  • It is easily digestible.

How Maltodextrin Works

Maltodextrin has the ability to be quickly assimilated in the body because it has a high glycemic index. When endurance or strength activities are practiced, the glycogen reserves stored in the muscles are rapidly consumed.

If you do not recover immediately, you may be facing a picture of muscle fatigue. At such times it becomes important to consume highly absorbable carbohydrates that will quickly enter the blood stream.

A maltodextrin food supplement rapidly raises glucose levels. It also promotes the entry of nutrients into the muscle fibers, which promotes muscle regeneration and recovery, and helps in the hypertrophy process.

Presentations of Maltodextrin

At MASmusculo we have Maltodextrin in presentations of 500 g, 600 g, 1 kg, 2 kg or 2.5 kg. All in powder and are easily dosed and prepared.

How is Maltodextrin taken?

Maltodextrin is taken in doses of around 50 g, usually dissolved in a glass of water. If consumed before or during exercise, it will provide quick and stable energy, boosting the work of the muscles until the end of the training session.

In the case of taking it after training, it will offer an effective replenishment of glycogen, which is important for a fast and effective recovery.

What are the best Maltodextrin brands?

Our catalog includes maltodextrins from leading manufacturers such as Best Protein, IO.Genix, Vitobest, Scitec Nutrition, Raw Physique and Quamtrax Direct. All use the best ingredients and employ advanced methods of preparation and manufacturing. We select them especially to provide you with the most effective sources of energy for your training.

Why should you buy Maltodextrin at MASmusculo?

Now that you know what Maltodextrin can do for sports practice, you can incorporate it into your daily diet. But the most important thing is that you get it where they care about quality and offering great service.

As with all the products we offer, you can find the maltodextrin you need at an unbeatable price. In addition, we will ensure that it reaches you within 24 hours of placing the order, throughout the Spanish territory.

We also have a clear and expeditious return policy, so your purchase is not at risk. We want you to get 100% safe products, at really competitive prices. You can ask any questions through the chat on our website or through Whatsapp.