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Buy dextrose powder

We offer you the best quality and the best price. At MASmusculo you can buy powdered dextrose supplements at reasonable prices.

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10% dtoDextrose powder 100% pack of 2kg of the manufacturer VitoBest
Dextrose powder 100% - 2kgVitoBest
- 100 %
Dextrose Powder 100% (Dextrose) by Vitobest is a gluten-free food supplement made from dextrose...
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WITH DISCOUNT42% dto THE BEST PRICEDextrose of 1 kg made by IO.Genix
Dextrose - 1 kgIO.Genix
Dextrose from IO.Genix is ​​a type of powdered sugar that comes from corn and has healthy...
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What is it and what is it for?

Dextrose is an element that due to its properties and benefits is increasingly used in the sports area by athletes who are committed to their health, physical appearance and performance in activities and routines of low and high level. Dextrose has the advantage of being easily absorbed and quickly digested, which helps maintain the proper functioning of the body, activate the regeneration of ligaments, tendons and muscles, promote muscle recovery and maintenance, prevent the reduction of glucose deposits in the muscles and liver, reduce symptoms associated with fatigue and hypoglycemia, preserve the level of physical activity, activate the insulin response, regenerate glycogen stores, maximize sports performance and increase energy quickly .

In the Dextrose category you can find a group of articles and food supplements composed of formulas based on dextrose with a high degree of purity, free of artificial elements.

Reach your sports goals and objectives more effectively, naturally and quickly with cyclodextrin supplements.

Who can consume dextrose?

The articles present in the Dextrose category are specially directed for the consumption of athletes, active people and high-end athletes who wish to improve their physical performance when carrying out each of the routines to maintain and improve their physical appearance, optimize recovery after intense exercise, maximize performance in routines and competitions.

Similarly, those who seek to increase energy and vitality to carry out their day-to-day activities, stimulate the conservation and regeneration of the structure of tendons, muscles and ligaments, achieve good health, reduce fatigue and increase state of consciousness, fullness and stability of the organism.