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Cyclodextrin Supplements

Cyclodextrin, is a section that has a select group of articles and food supplements based on highly soluble cyclodextrin and of the highest quality, a source of carbohydrates increasingly used by sportsmen and athletes for its effects to promote a prolonged energy release and normal recovery of muscle function.

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38% dtoCyclo Dextrine (Cluster Dextrin) - 1kg
Cyclo Dextrine (Cluster Dextrin) - 1kgMM Supplements
Ciclo Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin) from MASmusculo Supplements is an extraordinary powder...
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Ciclodextrin presentation of 1 kg of the brand IO.Genix - cyclodextrin
Ciclodextrin - 1 kgIO.Genix
Ciclodextrin by Iogenix is a cyclic dextrin that offers you all the necessary benefits for an...
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10% dtoCluster Dextrin - 1360 g
Cluster Dextrin - 1360 gVitoBest
Cluster Dextrin from VitoBest is a new and splendid product, which has been developed...
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Cluster dextrin pure - 1kg
Cluster Dextrin Ultra Pure - 1kgBIG
Cluster Dextrin Pure from Big is a supplement based on cyclodextrins, which are the best type of...
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Cycle Amino Dextrin - 1,5 kg
Cycle Amino Dextrin - 1,5 kgBIG
Cycle Amino Dextrin developed by Big is a nutritional complement of carbohydrate type that...
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Cyclo dextrin presentation of 500g dietary supplement of cyclodextrin by Quamtrax
Cyclo dextrin - 500gQuamtrax
Cyclo Dextrin is an innovative food preparation designed to maximize your performance and...
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C package of dextrin dietary supplement of cyclodextrin of the brand Scientiffic Nutrition
C - dextrin - 908gScientiffic Nutrition
C – Dextrin from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement composed of a formula based on...
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15% dtoCyclo dextrin in 1kg made by Best Protein in the group of cyclodextrin
Cyclo dextrin - 1kgBest Protein
Cyclo Dextrin from Best Protein is a food supplement that provides carbohydrates from...
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10% dtoCluster - 1 kg Power Labs - 1
Cluster - 1 kgPowerLabs
Cluster from Power Labs is a wonderful food supplement made from a highly branched...
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Pure cluster package of 908g in the section of cyclodextrin of the brand Scientiffic Nutrition
Pure cluster - 908gScientiffic Nutrition
Pure Cluster from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement made from...
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What is cyclodextrin and what is it used for?

Cyclodextrin is a carbohydrate obtained from the enzymatic degradation of cotton and its characteristics include its ease of dissolution in water, avoiding the formation of possible gastrointestinal conditions and it has efficient absorption due to its low osmotic pressure. Cyclodextrin helps maintain high levels of sugar in the bloodstream, improve energy production for optimal performance of physical training, minimize symptoms associated with insomnia and fatigue, promote normal recovery of muscle function, prepare and protect the muscle for contraction phases, reduce the presence of digestive system discomfort, improve overall performance and athletic conditioning, contribute to hydration during and after exercise, accelerate glycogen loading, promote muscle development , support gastric emptying and balance mood.

It is perfect for athletes who play sports on a daily basis!

  • Increases energy levels during training
  • Promotes muscle recovery after training
  • Reduces fatigue during training

What brands of Cyclodextrin can you buy at MASmusculo?

In the Cyclodextrins section, you will find a wide and select group of alternatives and food supplements formulated with compositions based on cyclodextrins of the highest quality, absorption and purity, free of harmful and artificial agents.

The best brands are MASMUSCULO Supp , BIG , IO.Genix , VitoBest , Bull Sport Nutrition , Best Protein , PowerLabs , MTX Nutrition , and many others.

These products are all very good in terms of quality and efficacy. They can help you reach your goals to improve your workouts.

Who can consume these supplements?

Cyclodextrin, is a category specially designed for the majority of athletes and active people who seek to consume food supplements capable of helping them enhance their performance and physical resistance when carrying out training routines, protect the body's functions, reduce the appearance of gastrointestinal discomfort and favor the use of glucose at the cellular level in a much shorter time and with greater safety.