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Where to buy Beta Alanine?

Beta-Alanine is a popular supplement among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This is because it has been shown to improve performance and benefit overall health.

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19% dtoBeta alanine - 300g
Beta Alanine - 300gBiotech USA
Beta Alanine from BioTech USA is a nutritional powder supplement based on beta alanine, made to...
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Beta alanine 1000 - 100 capsules
Beta-Alanine 1000 - 100 capsulesVitoBest
- 100 %
Beta Alanine 1000 from Vitobest is a food supplement made from the b-alanine of the Carnosyn®...
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Raw one beta alanine in 400g in the category beta-alanine of Zoomad Labs
Raw one beta alanine - 400gZoomad Labs
Raw One Beta Alanine from Zoomad Labs is a food supplement based on 100% pure beta alanine...
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Beta Alanina-150 capsules in decreases lactic acid supplement of beta-alanine of the manufacturer Scitec Nutrition
Beta Alanina-150 capsules (Decreases lactic acid)Scitec Nutrition
Beta Alanine from Scitec Nutrition is a wonderful nutritional supplement that was developed...
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42% dto THE BEST PRICEBetalanina professional package of 300g supplement of the section beta-alanine of the brand IO.Genix
Betalanina professional - 300gIO.Genix
Betalanine Professional from IO.Genix Nutrition is a food supplement that contributes to the...
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Beta alanine - 90 capsules
Beta Alanine - 90 capsulesBiotech USA
Beta Alanine from BioTechUSA is an amazing product based on 100% pure beta-alanine, a...
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Beta Alanine Carno Rush 80 tabs
Beta Alanine Carno Rush 80 tabsOlimp Sport
Beta Alanine Carno Rush by Olimp Sport Nutrition, increases strength thoroughly, and improves...
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Beta alanine 1000mg package of 90 capsules supplement of the section beta-alanine made by LifePRO
Beta alanine 1000mg - 90 capsulesLifePRO
- 10 %
Beta Alanine 1000mg from Life Pro Nutrition helps delay fatigue, increase endurance and...
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Beta alanine xplode of 250g of the manufacturer Olimp Sport - beta-alanine
Beta alanine xplode - 250gOlimp Sport
Beta Alanine Xplode from Olimp Sport Nutrition is a powdered food supplement that provides a...
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Beta Alanine of 120 vcaps in the category beta-alanine by Quamtrax
Beta Alanine - 120 vcapsQuamtrax
Beta-Alanine from Quamtrax is a non-essential amino acid that is found in red and white meat....
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Beta alanine 100% pure - 200g
100% Pure Beta Alanine - 200gHaya Labs
100% Pure Beta Alanine from Haya Labs is a dietary supplement that helps people who are doing...
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12% dtoBeta Alanine in 90 capsules in the category beta-alanine of Victory Endurance
Beta Alanine - 90 capsulesVictory Endurance
- 5 %
It increases the strength and performance Delays fatigue Accelerate muscle recovery Beta Alanine...
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THE BEST PRICEBeta-alanine - 200g
Beta-Alanine - 200gNatural Health
Beta-Alanine from Natural Health is an advanced formula based on the non-essential amino acid...
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Beta alanine 1000mg package of 100 tablets of Scientiffic Nutrition - beta-alanine
Beta alanine 1000mg - 100 tabletsScientiffic Nutrition
Beta Alanine from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement composed of a formula based on high...
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Beta alanine - 100 tabs
Beta Alanine - 100 tabsBIG
Beta Alanine from Pure Big Series is a nutritional supplement, which stands out as the best...
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B-caps Beta-alanine of 100 caps of the brand Nutrisport
B-caps Beta-alanine - 100 capsNutrisport
B-caps Beta-alanine from Nutrisport is the nutritional supplement indicated to obtain energy...
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Beta alanine of 300g supplement of the section beta-alanine by Scientiffic Nutrition
Beta alanine - 300gScientiffic Nutrition
Beta Alanine from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement made with a formula based on pure...
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What is beta alanine?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid.

Unlike most amino acids, it is not used by the body to make proteins. Instead, along with histidine, it produces carnosine. Carnosine is stored in skeletal muscles.

When it comes to supplementation, few things are as advanced as Beta-Alanine. It is a deeply enhanced amino acid, which has been made from alanine. Its virtues are deeply appreciated, because its intake increases carnosine, whose presence in the body limits the production of lactic acid that is responsible for causing fatigue. This is the secret that makes it possible to multiply strength and physical endurance.

Foods such as cheeses, beef, fish, poultry and eggs contain this nutrient. But for these to increase Beta-Alanine, it becomes essential to consume a large amount of food, which is easy for people who do not have time, or who find it difficult due to lack of habit. The good thing is that it is possible to increase your level by consuming this supplement.

In fact, a balanced sports diet, and a dose of this supplement has been proven to profoundly increase energy and body performance during training. This happens thanks to the fact that it multiplies the level of carnosine in the body.

What is carnosine and what is it for?

Carnosine is a very important nutrient that provides additional energy in the body, especially during periods of very exhausting training. It is an amino acid dipeptide resulting from histidine and beta alanine. It can usually be found in the skeletal muscles of the body and is also present in most tissues. When it increases in the body, strength and resistance are renewed for a long time.

Unfortunately, the production of carnosine in the body decreases over time. This makes it necessary to provide it through effective supplementation, which benefits the increase in explosive strength, increases performance and encourages greater muscle development. It should not be forgotten that it is a powerful antioxidant that keeps the body in healthy and optimal conditions.

Properties of beta alanine

Beta-alanine improves sports performance by reducing fatigue, increasing endurance and enhancing performance in high-intensity exercises.

Beta-Alanine specifically supports performance during short-duration, high-intensity exercise lasting from one to several minutes.

  • For older adults, beta-alanine can help increase muscular endurance .
  • In resistance training, you can increase training volume and reduce fatigue .

When is it best to take it?

It is advisable to take about 4 grams of this very effective supplement daily. Best results are achieved if consumed 20 to 30 minutes before training. After 12 weeks of taking Beta-Alanine, a really full level of its properties is achieved in the muscles, which is maintained on its own for at least 2 months. This is why after this supplementation time, consumption should be paused and consumed again after 60 days.

How long does Beta-Alanine take to work?

Some studies that were carried out with a diverse range of athletes, have confirmed after 4 weeks carnosine rises by 50%. At the fifth week it is possible to increase the dose a little more, and thus obtain an increase of up to 70% in the level of this nutrient in the body.

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