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The first thing you should know about Tribulus terrestris before buying it is that it is an herbal extract that has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic medicine to help kidney, prostate and urinary problems. Its active ingredients allow the body to produce more testosterone naturally .

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TribuZMA 1200mg of 90 tablets in the category tribulus by Amix Nutrition
TribuZMA 1200mg - 90 tabletsAmix Nutrition
- 10 %
TribuZMA from Amix Nutrition is a sports supplement with an advanced formula that favors the...
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Tribulus+zma of 100 capsules by LifePRO
Tribulus+zma - 100 capsulesLifePRO
- 10 %
Tribulus+ZMA from Life Pro Nutrition favors the increase in testosterone levels, contributing...
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24% dtoTribooster - 60 tabs
Tribooster - 60 tabsBiotech USA
Tribooster by BiotechUSA is the supplement with the highest concentration of tribulus terrestris...
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24% dtoTribu 2000 in 90 tablets of the section tribulus made by Scitec Nutrition
Tribu 2000 - 90 tabletsScitec Nutrition
Tribu 2000 from Scitec Nutrition, is a food supplement made with a composition based on tribulus...
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WITH DISCOUNT42% dto THE BEST PRICETribulus pack of 100 tablets of IO.Genix
Tribulus - 100 tabletsIO.Genix
Tribulus from IO.Genix is ​​a nutritional supplement that contributes to the production of...
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Tribusteron 60 - 120 caps
Tribusteron 60 - 120 capsOlimp Sport
Powerful formula pro-testosterona! Tribusteron60 contains aqueous extract powder of Puncturevine...
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Olimp Tribusteron 90 - 120 capsules
Olimp Tribusteron 90 - 120 capsulesOlimp Sport
Olimp Tribusteron 90 contains watery extract of puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris) that is a...
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9% dtoT-360 pack of 108 capsules by Scitec Nutrition dietary supplement of tribulus
T-360 - 108 capsulesScitec Nutrition
Testosterone and sexual power booster formula IT MAXIMIZES THE OWN PRODUCTION OF TESTOSTERONE!...
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Tribulus pro 90 in 90 capsules of the manufacturer LifePRO
Tribulus pro 90 - 90 capsulesLifePRO
- 10 %
Tribulus Pro 90 from Life Pro Nutrition is a food supplement made with a composition based on...
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10% dtoPremium Tribulus - 90 capsules Weider - 1
Premium Tribulus - 90 capsulesWeider
- 5 %
Premium Tribulus from Weider is a sports supplement made from tribulus terrestris, a plant...
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10% dtoLH-Pro pack of 100 caps by VitoBest of the section tribulus
LH-Pro - 100 capsVitoBest
- 100 %
LH-Pro from Vitobest is a high purity food supplement made from tribulus terrestris. It comes in...
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10% dto THE BEST PRICETribulus core in 90 capsules made by ProCell Core Series
Tribulus core - 90 capsulesProCell Core Series
Tribulus Core from Procell Core Series is a food supplement made with Tribulus terrestris...
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23% dtoTribulus Maximus - 90 Tablets
Tribulus Maximus - 90 TabletsBiotech USA
Now you can take your training to the next level by using Tribulus Maximus. BiotechUSA has...
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Tribulus terrestris 1000mg package of 90 tablets of the manufacturer Scientiffic Nutrition
Tribulus terrestris 1000mg - 90 tabletsScientiffic Nutrition
Tribulus Terrestris from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement made with a formula based on...
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15% dtoTribulus + fenugreek 1600mg - 120 tablets
Tribulus + Fenugreek 1600mg - 120 tabletsBest Protein
Tribulus + Fenugreek from Best Protein is a nutritional supplement that gives you antioxidant...
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THE BEST PRICEMaxi Tribu 90% - 120 caps Hypertrophy - 1
Maxi Tribu 90% - 120 capsHypertrophy
Maxi Tribu 90% from Hypertrophy is a food supplement in capsules that increases and tones your...
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NewTribulus terrestris 500mg - 90 capsules
Tribulus terrestris 500mg - 90 capsulesHaya Labs
Tribulus Terrestris 500mg from Haya Labs, the perfect food supplement for those seeking to...
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Tribusten Testo Booster presentation of 200 capsules by Amix Nutrition of the section tribulus
Tribusten Testo Booster - 200 capsulesAmix Nutrition
- 10 %
Tribusten Testo Booster from Amix Nutrition is a special edition nutritional supplement that...
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What is tribulus terrestris ?

Tribulus terrestris is a plant native to India, but is now cultivated throughout the world. Its name is due to the fact that the seeds have small thorns like spikes. Tribulus dietary supplements are made from the dried fruits and ingredients of the plant.

Why buy tribulus terrestris ?

Although it has been traditionally used in Ayurveda medicine for hundreds of generations for its aphrodisiac properties or to improve arthritis, asthma or urinary problems. Tribulus terrestris is also popular with athletes and bodybuilders as a supplement to help naturally increase testosterone levels. This could result in an increase in muscle mass and strength. Saponins, one of the main active compounds, are capable of stimulating testosterone synthesis through natural mechanisms.

Tribulus terrestris is available at MASmusculo as a single standardized extract or in combination with other herbal extracts, you can find the widest range of sports supplements to achieve your goal.

Properties of tribulus

If you were wondering about tribulus, what it is for , the first thing you should know is that it is an herb that is used for beneficial health purposes. Ayurveda medicine uses it to treat kidney, prostate and urinary problems.

When it comes into contact with the metabolism, its active principles present in the steroidal saponias, such as dioscin, dysgenin and protodioscin, cause the body to regulate its hormonal level by producing more testosterone .

Laboratories have been able to capture the best of Tribulus and have taken it to capsules and tablets to give you the following benefits:

  • It can serve as a diuretic.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Treats skin diseases.
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol.
  • Regulates serotonin levels.

However, it is best known for its ability to increase testosterone and thus muscle strength .

Tribulus has the property of being adaptogenic and manages to increase and accelerate protein synthesis and the creation of new tissues . In addition to speeding up your metabolism. Besides helping to build your body, these supplements will give you extra help if you need to increase your libido, as well as prevent erectile dysfunction.

These compounds can also help on a mood level, helping you reduce stress, anxiety, irritability, and moodiness. It is important to note that tribulus does not contain testosterone, but it does help the body produce it . The properties of tribulus tesrrestris allow it to be used in treatments to combat male infertility.

How to take tribulus

Most studies have reported that tribulus is a safe supplement and does not cause any major side effects, although there are some reports of stomach cramps, however there is no evidence on the potential risk of toxicity.

As it has a diuretic effect, a person taking tribulus supplements should be well hydrated .

Tribulus will not disrupt your normal testosterone levels or cause unnecessary spikes. It only helps your body maintain normal levels of the hormone, although this depends on biological individuality.

The safe and effective dose of Tribulus recommended by most manufacturers is 750-2000 mg two or three times a day , depending on the type of activity and physiological demands. If you buy a tribulus supplement with an average of 85% saponias, it will be enough to take 2g to 3g per day.

In order to avoid Tribulus side effects , it is recommended not to take more than 8 weeks without taking a 4-week break. In turn, people who suffer from prostate problems should not consume this product.

Our experts recommend combining tribulus with spirulina , so athletes will see their endurance and muscle recovery increased.