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Chitosan is an ingredient extracted from the shells of crustaceans, such as crabs and lobsters that has multiple uses. The most notable, specially in the sports world supplementation is its ability to adhere to the fat , so it is not digested by your body. This way the fats we eat, go through our digestive tract without being digested, and expelled naturally. This way reduce fat intake in our diet, and consequently diminish our percentage of body fat.
The effect of absorbing and adheration to fats works thanks to its rich composition of fiber which is achieved in contact with dietary fat, it becomes a gelatinous substance that is not digested by the stomach.
As consideration should be noted that the chitosan does not distinguish between good fats and "bad" fats; and blocks any fat source. For this reason it is not recommended the intake with any other supplement based on fatty acids such as fish oil, omega-3, 3-6-9, etc
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SALESChitosan 500mg - 60 caps
Chitosan 500mg - 60 capsulesSmart Supplements
Chitosan from Smart Supplements is a food supplement that provides chitosan or chitosan, a...
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SALESChitosan 400mg - 50 caps
Chitosan 400mg - 50 capsulesMM Essence
The Chitosan designed by MM Essence is a modern product that acts effectively as a blocker of...
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HCA-Chitosan - 100 capsules
HCA-Chitosan - 100 capsulesScitec Nutrition
Chitosan, which some call fat magnet, is one of the most widely used and most effective products...
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SALESChitosan 500mg - 100 capsules
Chitosan 500mg - 100 capsulesSotya Health Supplements
Chitosan de Sotya is a powerful high-quality supplement that will help you lose weight with a...
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SALES13% dtoChitosan - 60 vcaps
Chitosan - 60 vegetable capsulesDrasanvi
Chitosan from Drasanvi is an extract obtained from crustaceans in the sea, specifically its...
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SALESChitosan - 100 caps
Chitosan - 100 caps - Prisma NaturalPrisma Natural
Its main function is to absorb the fat of the foods preventing the body from digesting it and at...
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SALESChitosan 500mg - 90 caps
Chitosan 500mg - 90 capsulesHaya Labs
Chitosan from Haya Labs is a nutritional supplement that helps reduce body fat, lose weight and...
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SALESChitosan 500 - 60 capsules
Chitosan 500 - 60 capsulesEl Naturalista
Chitosan 500 from El Naturalista is the dietary supplement that helps to eliminate overweight...
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SALES8% dtoChitosan plus - 48 tabs
Chitosan plus - 48 tabsNutrisport
Chitosan plus from Nutrisport is a food supplement that comes in tablets and is designed with a...
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SALESChitosan fat fighter - 60 cap
Chitosan Fat Fighter - 60 capsTegor Sport
Tegor Sport has made Chitosan Fat Fighter for people just like you. It is a supplement with...
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