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Stimulant Free Weight Loss Supplements

At MASmusculo.com we offer you a range of natural products and herbal extracts without stimulants that help burn fat.

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Resveratrol - 45 capsules
Resveratrol - 45 capsulesSmart Supplements
Resveratrol is a polyphenol that can be found in red grapes´skin, in certain types of berries...
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AFR 2 - 90 Caps
AFR 2 - 90 CapsVitoBest
AFR2 from Vitobest is a food supplement specially formulated to help reduce abdominal fat. Made...
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Fat burner triple action - 90 caps
Triple Action Fat Burner - 90 capsulesVitoBest
Triple Action Fat Burner from Vitobest is a powerful fat burner developed by Vitobest to reduce...
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AFR - 90 capsules
AFR - 90 capsulesVitoBest
AFR1 from Vitobest is a food supplement manufactured to contribute to the reduction of...
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25% dtoLipo 6 Black Stim Free - 60 capsules
Lipo 6 Black Stim Free - 60 capsulesNutrex
Lipo 6 Black Stim Free from Nutrex is a powerful fat-burning food supplement with an...
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Lipotropic Fat Burner - 200 capsules
Lipotropic Fat Burner - 200 capsulesAmix Nutrition
- 10 %
Lipotropic Fat Burner from Amix Nutrition is an excellent dietary supplement manufactured based...
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10% dtoGlucomannan + chromium - 225g
Glucomannan + chromium - 225gBiotech USA
Glucomannan + Chromium from BiotechUSA is a food supplement that helps maintain normal blood...
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Raspberry ketone - 500ml
Raspberry ketone - 500mlPrisma Natural
Raspberry Ketones from Prisma Natural is an excellent dietary supplement that will help you lose...
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19% dto THE BEST PRICELipo Cell - 90 capsules
Lipo Cell - 90 capsulesProCell
Lipo Cell from ProCell is a dietary fat-burning supplement completely free of stimulants. Based...
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NewSiluet 360 - 120 tablets
Siluet 360 - 120 tabletsDrasanvi
Siluet 360 from Drasanvi is a food supplement made with a formula based on vitamins, minerals,...
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Stim free burner - 90 capsules
Stim free burner - 90 capsulesScitec Nutrition
Stim Free Burner from Scitec Nutrition is a fat-burning food supplement, formulated without...
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Raspberry ketone - 60 caps
Raspberry Ketones - 60 capsPrisma Natural
Raspberry Ketones from Prisma Natural is a dietary supplement based on natural raspberry ketones...
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Azafran, garcinia and green coffee - 30 caps
Saffron, Garcinia and Green Coffee - 30 capsulesPrisma Natural
Saffron, Garcinia and Green Coffee Prisma Natural is a nutritional supplement that reduces...
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THE BEST PRICEBlack burn stim-free - 90 capsules
Black Burn Stim-Free - 90 capsulesStacker Europe
Black Burn Stim-Free from Stacker Europe is a food supplement that provides an advanced...
will be shipped in 5-15 days
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Stimulant Free Fat Burners

Many times we tend to consume products that bring undesirable side effects, simply because we do not know that there is an improved version of them, which does not contain those components that, in a certain way, harm us. In this case, we will talk about body fat burners that do not use chemical stimulants to fulfill the function for which they were manufactured. They use elements of nature to burn excess adipose tissue in the body.

The best known and applied stimulant in these products is caffeine. For this reason, we will focus on those preparations that have the natural ingredients necessary to generate fat burning, but that do not have caffeine.

How To Know Which Is The Best Fat Burner Without Caffeine

Choosing the best in such a select group, such as the caffeine-free fat burner , is an arduous task. However, there are certain ingredients that make a stimulant-free fat burner a quality product. They are:

  • Green Tea
  • Synephrine
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • Guarana Extract
  • Choline – Vitamin B7

Benefits of Burners without Stimulants

These burners give you the benefit of increasing your level of energy and concentration, so you will achieve much more efficient and effective physical work . In turn, they reduce appetite and speed up metabolism. They remove excess fat from the body and increase your body temperature. The best ones also have a direct impact on your health, since they squeeze fat from the liver, preventing diseases such as food cirrhosis.

Caffeine free fat burners for women

Finally, we could not fail to mention this type of fat burners, specially created for her. Women accumulate fat due to the low production of the hormone norepinephrine. For this reason, the best female fat burners are those that manage to increase the production of it in the body of their consumer.

How to Consume Fat Burners

Approximately 3 capsules per day are ingested, accompanied by ¼ liter of water. It is important not to ingest them within 5 hours before going to sleep. It is advisable not to exceed the recommended doses, since far from increasing its results, it can bring associated side effects, such as tachycardia, vertigo and nausea.

All About the Formula and Effects of Other Burners

Fat burners are one of the products most chosen by athletes who seek the maximum result for their time and effort in the gym. These compounds act by inhibiting the assimilation of carbohydrates, nutrients that break down and end up forming undesirable and unsightly abdominal fat. Here we show you other options of these same compounds that you have to achieve your physical goals.

Types of Fat Burners According to their Function

  • Thermogenic Enhancers: This product not only helps burn fat, but also counteracts the bad mood that is generated by eating a low-calorie diet. The active compounds used are caffeine, phenylananine and l-tyrosine. They act by increasing body temperature so that fats burn. We can also purchase the gel presentation, which is applied directly to the area to be reduced.
  • Estrogen Blockers: Estrogens are a female hormone, but to a lesser extent, it is also present in men. This hormone, when it is excessively present in the body, generates accumulation of fat and liquids, at the same time that it increases the production of SHBG, a sexual hormone that widens the waist and hips. Estrogen blockers regulate and limit the presence of this hormone, allowing the fat accumulated by its presence to be eliminated.
  • Appetite suppressants: reducing appetite by inhibiting the hormone that generates it and producing a feeling of fullness in the stomach is one of the main factors in reducing body fat levels.
  • Cortisol blockers: the cortisol hormone is naturally produced in the body, but to control the fat index and the increase in body mass, it is necessary that its presence in the blood is controlled. When there are problems in the proper functioning of the pituitary system, cortisol levels go out of control, not decreasing when they should. That is precisely what the burners that block it take care of.
  • Thyroid Hormone Multipliers: When the hormone produced by the thyroid is reduced, we gain weight. That is why burners have been created that stimulate the thyroid, achieving a very powerful fat-burning effect.
  • Green Tea pills: they are much more powerful than the infusion of said tea. Their advantage is that they are natural. They act by raising body temperature, are antioxidants and, therefore, stimulate the body's caloric expenditure.