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Buy CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in capsules

Cla conjugated linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that is produced in the intestines of ruminants and is a derivative of linoleic acid. In foods for human consumption of plant origin, this compound is found in sunflower, corn, soybean and canola oils. So we can obtain multiple benefits from CLA if we eat red meat, dairy products and the aforementioned oils.

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DISC. AMOUNT42% dtoCLA 1000 - 90 softgels
CLA 1000 - 90 softgelsMM Supplements
CLA 1000 from MASmusculo Supplements, is a food supplement based on conjugated linoleic acid or...
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Cla 1000 mg - 90 Softgel capsules
Cla 1000 mg - 90 Softgel capsulesSmart Supplements
100% Conjugated Linoleic Acid 100% Conjugated Linoleic Acid best known as CLA is an essential...
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45% dtoCla - 90 capsules Bull Sport Nutrition - 1
Cla - 90 capsulesBull Sport Nutrition
CLA by Bull Sport Nutrition is a food supplement made with safflower oil. It offers a high...
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Cla 1200 - 120 capsules
Cla 1200 - 120 capsulesAmix Nutrition
- 10 %
CLA 1200 from Amix Nutrition is a supplement based on conjugated linoleic acid and green tea...
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Pure CLA Clarinol - 180 cápsulas
Pure CLA Clarinol - 180 cápsulasQuamtrax
Quantrax Pure CLA Clarinol will help you to maintain the weight and a slender figure! CLA is a...
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40% dto THE BEST PRICECla pro - 200 softgels
CLA Pro - 200 softgelsIO.Genix
CLA Pro from IO.Genix is an essential fatty acid with amazing properties, among which can be...
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Cla + green tea - 90 capsules
Cla + green tea - 90 capsulesVitoBest
CLA + Green Tea from Vitobest is a food supplement made from a combination of conjugated...
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46% dto THE BEST PRICECla complex - 120 capsules
Cla complex - 120 capsulesIO.Genix
CLA Complex from IO.Genix Nutrition is a dietary supplement in capsules that contains conjugated...
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25% dtoCLA Green Tea Carnitine - 60 cps Olimp Sport - 1
CLA Green Tea Carnitine - 60 cpsOlimp Sport
Complemeto alimenticio para ayudar a la pérdida de grasa CLA + Green Tea + L-Carntine by Olimp...
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45% dto THE BEST PRICECla pro - 100 softgels
CLA Pro - 100 softgelsIO.Genix
CLA Pro from IO.Genix is an essential fatty acid with amazing properties, among which can be...
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16% dtoCLA 400 - 80 capsules
CLA 400 - 80 capsulesBiotech USA
CLA 400 is a linoleic-acid gelatin-beads supplement, which helps normalize body weight thanks to...
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Cla Scitec Essential 60 caps
Cla Scitec Essential 60 capsScitec Nutrition
the CLA is the fatty acid that surely you will need for your diet and to tone up! It is a...
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OUTLETTonarobis - 1000 mg - 60 caps
Tonarobis - 1000 mg - OUTLETRobis Laboratorios
Tonarobis from Robis Laboratories is a natural product, made from conjugated linoleic acid...
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Pure CLA - 90 softgel (Clarinol)
Pure CLA - 90 softgel (Clarinol)Quamtrax
Quantrax Puree CLA Clarinol will help you to maintain the weight and a slender figure! The CLA...
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NewCla 1000mg - 100 softgels
Cla 1000mg - 100 softgelsScientiffic Nutrition
CLA from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement made with a composition based on conjugated...
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12% dtoCla capsules - 120 caps
Cla capsules - 120 capsWeider
CLA from Weider is a nutritional supplement that will provide a great contribution of fatty...
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Cla clarinol 1000mg - 90 softgels
Cla clarinol 1000mg - 90 softgelsLifePRO
- 10 %
CLA Clarinol from Life Pro Nutrition is an ideal dietary supplement to contribute to fat loss,...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
15% dtoCLA 80% 3000 - 100 softgels
CLA 80% 3000 - 100 softgelsBeverly Nutrition
CLA 80% 3000 from Beverly Nutrition is a conjugated linoleic acid concentrate ideal for...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
NewCla 1000mg - 90 softgels
Cla 1000mg - 90 softgelsLifePRO
- 10 %
CLA from Life Pro Nutrition is a food supplement made with a premium quality conjugated linoleic...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
15% dtoCla 1000 - 90 caps - Lamberts
Cla 1000 - 90 caps - LambertsLamberts
CLA 1000 from Lamberts offers the body high-quality conjugated linoleic acid, an essential fatty...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
15% dtoCla clarinol 1406mg - 100 caps
CLA Clarinol 1406mg - 100 capsulesBest Protein
CLA from Best Protein is a nutritional supplement rich in the fatty acid Clarinol which has many...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
THE BEST PRICECla 1000mg - 100 softgels
CLA 1000mg - 100 softgelsNatural Health
CLA 1000mg from Natural Health is a naturally occurring fatty acid in foods such as dairy and...
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Cla - 90 capsulesBe Essential
CLA by Be Essential, is a product that helps you to maintain good muscle tone, since it...
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WITH DISCOUNTCLA Slim Factor - 120 softgels
CLA Slim Factor - 120 softgelsBIG
CLA Slim Factor from BIG has been shown to be effective for controlling body weight. CLA Slim...
will be shipped in 2-3 days
Reduced priceLipo 6 cla - 45 tabs
Lipo 6 cla - 45 tabsNutrex
Lipo 6 CLA is the dietary supplement created by Nutrex, ideal to be consumed during the...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
36% dtoCLA - 120 softgels
CLA - 120 softgelsIron Addict Labs
is a nutritional supplement that helps eliminate body fat, especially in the abdominal area and...
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Cla - 70 capsules Peak - 1
Cla - 70 capsulesPeak
CLA from Peak, is a supplement that will allow you in an effective and guaranteed way, to burn...
will be shipped in 5-15 days
THE BEST PRICELipo 6 CLA - 90 caps
Lipo 6 CLA - 90 capsNutrex
Lipo 6 CLA 90 Capsules benefits fat burning and helps gaining muscle Nutrex Lipo-6 CLA is a very...
will be shipped in 5-15 days
Cla - 90 capsules
Cla - 90 capsulesQNT
CLA from QNT is a food supplement that contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) of natural...
will be shipped in 5-15 days
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What is CLA? is it good for weight loss?

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a natural fatty acid that can be found in foods such as meat and dairy products, although CLA supplements are also available. It has become one of the most popular additives for weight loss supplements and diet pills.

This product is the result of the natural mix between an omega 6 fatty acid and an omega 3 fatty acid, so it is totally natural, not synthetic.

CLA in supplements comes in softgels with soybean oil, hydrolyzed collagen, gelatin, glycerin, and purified water.

However, if we look for the main benefit at the sports level: fat loss and consequent weight loss.

What is the true effect of cla?

  • Lose body fat without losing muscle mass
  • Regulates bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves digestive health

Types of CLA Supplements

Among the available options, we highlight these two high quality and effective products:

  • CLA Tonalin is a patented product that helps reduce body fat, tone and sculpt muscles, increase immune response, support cardiovascular health, and much more. CLA Tonalin is made from the finest natural vegetable oils, using a patented process that naturally increases the amount of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) in each softgel.
  • CLA 1000MG: is an Omega 3 fatty acid that provides all the benefits of cla, in addition to promoting cardiovascular health. If you have thyroid or adrenal gland problems, this product will be of invaluable help in reducing them and restoring vitality and a lost silhouette to people who, day by day, strive to regain their lost ground in the area of thinness, but who do not get the desired results.

How is it taken?

Each CLA supplement usually differs in the amount of linoleic acid per capsule. In general terms, 2 or 3 daily intakes of between 6 to 7 tablets are made per day. The ideal is to ingest them with meals, since the benefit will be better in this way.

What happens if I take CLA and I don't exercise?

You're not going to get a bodybuilder's definition in three days without doing anything. If you don't exercise after taking CLA, you won't lose body fat but your metabolism will increase to store less body fat.

Why buy CLA pills at MASmusculo?

If you are interested in buying CLA, but you do not know very well where to do it, we recommend that you do it online in a specialized store such as MASmusculo.

Buying CLA pills at MASmusculo has many advantages.

  • We are specialized in the sale of sports products.
  • On our website you will find the best supplements and foods for athletes that are currently on the market.
  • We have everything you need to take care of your diet, improve your training and achieve your goals.

You can buy CLA pills at a very low price. You can buy them at any time and place, since our products are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

There are several payment methods with which you can make your purchase quickly and safely.

If you have any questions or need help placing your order, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you immediately.