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Buy vegetable proteins (for vegetarians and vegans)

Vegetable proteins are a perfect nutritional complement for vegan or lactose intolerant athletes who need to buy a vegetable protein shake from non-animal protein sources.

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100% isolate vegan creamy pack of 1kg made by LifePRO dietary supplement of vegetable protein
100% isolate vegan creamy - 1kgLifePRO
- 10 %
100% Isolate Vegan Creamy from Lifre Pro Nutrition, is a protein of vegetable origin made with a...
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Vegefiit Protein in 2kg - vegetable protein of the manufacturer Amix GreenDay
Vegefiit Protein - 2kgAmix GreenDay
- 10 %
Vegefiit Protein from Greenday Amix is a fantastic nutritional supplement developed based on top...
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29% dto100% vegan protein in 1kg of the manufacturer Scitec Nutrition of the section vegetable protein
100% vegan protein - 1kgScitec Nutrition
100% Vegan Protein from Scitec Nutrition is a food preparation based on proteins of 100%...
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10% dtoVegetable Protein pack of 750g of the brand Weider
Vegetable Protein - 750gWeider
- 5 %
Vegetable Protein from Weider, contains in its formula proteins of peas and rice of top quality,...
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10% dtoVegan Delicatesse Protein Complex presentation of 900 g of the manufacturer Beverly Nutrition - vegetable protein
Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex - 900 gBeverly Nutrition
Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition  is a supplement of the renowned...
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Real vegan amino+ presentation of 1kg in the category vegetable protein by BIG
Real vegan amino+ - 1kgBIG
Real Vegan Amino+ from Big is a food supplement that is a vegetable protein isolate enriched...
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10% dtoSoy iso protein package of 1kg by VitoBest in the category vegetable protein
Soy iso protein - 1kgVitoBest
I am Iso Protein from Vitobest, a protein supplement with a high content of isoflavones, of...
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Vegan protein pack of 900g - vegetable protein of the brand LifePRO
Vegan protein - 900gLifePRO
- 10 %
Vegan Protein from Life Pro Nutrition is made from organic and 100% organic protein from two...
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9% dtoVegan Protein - 2 kg Biotech USA - 1
Vegan Protein - 2 kgBiotech USA
Vegan Protein from Biotech USA is an extraordinary vegetable protein complex with added...
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38% dtoVegan protein - 500g
Vegan Protein - 500 gBiotech USA
Vegan Protein from Biotech USA is an extraordinary vegetable protein complex with added...
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33% dtoVegan Protein presentation of 1 kg supplement of the section vegetable protein by IO.Genix
Vegan Protein - 1 kgIO.Genix
Vegan Protein from I.O.Genix is ​​a source of vegetable amino acids that you must have to...
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Vegan protein - 500g
Vegan Protein - 500 gQNT
Vegan Protein from QNT is a food supplement that is presented as an excellent source of...
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Vegan protein pack of 908g of Scientiffic Nutrition dietary supplement of vegetable protein
Vegan protein - 908gScientiffic Nutrition
Vegan Protein from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement based on 85% pea protein, 80% rice...
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OUTLETVegan diet meal - 540g
Vegan Diet Meal - 540g - Vanilla - OUTLETWeider
Vegan Diet Meal from Weider is the ideal supplement to help maintain the figure, providing a...
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THE BEST PRICE100% all natural pea protein isolate - 454 g
100% Natural Pea Protein Isolate - 454 gHaya Labs
100% Natural Pea Protein Isolate from Natural Haya Labs is a high quality protein supplement....
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Vege rose in 500g supplement of the section vegetable protein of AllNutrition
Vege rose - 500gAllNutrition
AllNutrition Vege Rose supports the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, as it contains up to...
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100% soy protein isolate non gmo - 454 g
100% Soy Protein Isolate without GMO - 454 gHaya Labs
100% Soy Protein Isolate without GMO from Haya Labs is an isolated high-quality vegetable protein...
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100% all natural rice protein - 454 g
100% All Natural Rice Protein - 454 gHaya Labs
100% All Natural Rice Protein from Haya Labs is a vegetable protein derived from high quality...
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Veggie protein complex - 500g
Veggie Protein Complex - 500 gOlimp Sport
Veggie Protein Complex from Olimp Sport is a food supplement based on concentrated vegetable...
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15% dtoPea Protein in 750g made by Lamberts in the category vegetable protein
Pea Protein - 750gLamberts
Pea Protein from Lamberts is a 100% natural nutritional supplement that will give you all the...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
Snickers plant hi protein pack of 420g of the manufacturer Mars Protein of the section vegetable protein
Snickers plant hi protein - 420gMars Protein
Snickers Plant Hi Protein from Mars Protein is a protein suitable for vegans, made with a...
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9% dtoVegan Cell presentation of 800g in the section of vegetable protein by ProCell
Vegan Cell - 800gProCell
Vegan Cell from Procell is an incredible dietary supplement based on vegetable proteins, which...
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THE BEST PRICEVegan protein in 500g - vegetable protein made by AllNutrition
Vegan protein - 500gAllNutrition
Vegan Protein from AllNutrition is a delicious and complete vegetable protein with no added...
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Mix proteins (pea, rice, toasted pumpkin and hemp) bio - 200g
Protein Mix - 200 gEl Granero Integral
Protein Mix from El Granero Integral is ​​a new powder food supplement that offers you a...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
Vegan meat mix of 150g made by Weider in the category vegetable protein
Vegan meat mix - 150gWeider
- 5 %
Weider Vegan Meat Mix is a delicious alternative to meat in powder format, made with a...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
Vegan protein of 468g in the group of vegetable protein by Nutrisport
Vegan protein - 468gNutrisport
Vegan Protein from NutriSport is a powdered food supplement that constitutes a high quality...
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Vegan Protein presentation of 500 g of the manufacturer Quamtrax in the category vegetable protein
Vegan Protein - 500 gQuamtrax
Vegan Protein from Quamtrax Direct is a nutritional supplement made from pea protein and rice...
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Vegan pea protein of 500g supplement of vegetable protein of the manufacturer AllNutrition
Vegan pea protein - 500gAllNutrition
Vegan Pea Protein from AllNutrition is a complete vegetable protein low in fat and...
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vegetable proteins

Vegetable protein comprises various sources of non-animal protein with different characteristics, which provide pure protein to the diet or combine various proportions of protein with other nutrients, without providing fat or cholesterol.

Among the nutritional products with vegetable proteins we find rice proteins, without sodium or cholesterol, very easy to digest, soy proteins, one of the richest sources of vegetable proteins, pea proteins, a high quality source of protein , vitamins, minerals and fiber, as well as other vegetable proteins of high nutritional value, such as spirulina and vegetable protein fusions.


Pea Protein

This food supplement is a perfect ally when it comes to incorporating a nutrient into our diet that allows us to improve our sports performance and improve health in general. The high quality of the raw material: peas and yellow peas, guarantees maximum absorption and a spectacular result.

Why is it recommended to buy pea protein?

This is a supplement that helps in three fundamental aspects of training. The first of these is that it promotes the formation of collagen, which helps the health of bones, tendons, skin and connective tissue. If these parts of our body are healthy, then we can start thinking about a strong training, which sculpts and shapes our body. On the other hand, pea protein has a satiating effect, which does not allow us to feel hungry before burning energy and thus end up resorting to caloric foods that spoil the work that we do with so much effort to stay in shape.

Ultimately when it comes to sports, pea protein facilitates the recovery phase of the muscle, so you will feel that you can return to training sooner than you did before.

Properties of Pea Protein Isolate

If you want to have the maximum benefit of this nutrient, it is advisable to acquire it in its isolated form, which will allow you to access the following advantages:

  • cholesterol and lactose free
  • free of genetically modified components
  • hypoallergenic
  • suitable for coeliacs
  • suitable for those with soy intolerance

BCAAs in pea protein

Pea protein is very rich in essential amino acids BCAAs, essential nutrients for muscle formation and recovery, but that our body cannot synthesize on its own. For this reason, it is essential that they be ingested through the diet or, better yet, through food supplements that ensure the exact dose.

Does pea protein have contraindications?

Like any protein, the protein extracted from peas can also lead to side effects, so it is recommended to follow the recommended dose, consult a specialist when consuming it and be attentive to the diet that accompanies it, since carbohydrates do not they may be lacking in a major protein intake. On the other hand, if you suffer from kidney or liver problems, it is advisable to take this supplement under the supervision of a professional. Finally, we must always remember that its isolated form guarantees greater purity and digestibility.

Soy protein

Why consume soy protein? Because within vegetables, soybeans are the legume that provides the most protein, being a strong competitor to protein of animal origin, such as meat and whey.

In addition to being a great help to resort to when we seek to increase our muscle mass in a natural way, based on quality nutrients, soy represents an invaluable support for health, especially cardiovascular health, since its contributions in saturated fats are minimal and cholesterol is zero.

Why is soy protein recommended?

The first thing we should talk about when wondering what soy protein is for is that it is a highly nutritious food. Its contributions in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, isoflavonoids and phenolic acids, among many other nutrients, make it the queen of the plant world. We highlight the benefits of soy protein with respect to physical activity, since it is the ideal complement to the diet of anyone who has made fitness their way of life.

A perfect figure is not such if there is no health to support it from behind. The physical appearance that exercise gives you must also be based on a diet that strengthens the various systems of your body, which will ultimately be what allows you to stay young, vital and promotes longevity.

A dose of soy protein will allow you to create muscle mass , so it will not take long to see your body grow in those areas where they were weak and flaccid, at the same time that, since soy protein is also used to lose weight , it will The accumulated fat that costs so much to erase from our "rebel zones" will go.

When to take soy protein?

If what you are looking for is the quick recovery of the muscle fibers so that its growth is fast and defined, it is best to take a dose at the end of your training session, especially if it is weight lifting. In terms of quantity, an intake of approximately 30 grams per day is recommended.

Other vegetable protein sources

Protein is an essential nutrient for anyone who trains, since the formation of lean muscle mass depends on its presence in the body. The debate is whether we should opt for animal or vegetable proteins. The truth is that both have advantages and disadvantages. As for the reasons for choosing complete vegetable proteins , it is that these, in addition to providing less lipids than meat, contain isoflavones, which prevent the formation of prostate and breast cancer.

What we want to do is surprise you by telling you that there are more sources of this protein, which is present in the following foods rich in vegetable proteins :

Semolina: within the world of cereals, there is a tendency to forget about semolina, which provides 13 grams of protein per 100 grams. If you want to obtain its gluten-free version, all you have to do is opt for rice semolina, rich in carbohydrates and also in proteins, but in a lower percentage than wheat.

Garlic: it is ideal to consume a clove of this vegetable that has so many properties. Do not hesitate to use it to season your meals, since its strong flavor is capable of creating the lack of need to use salt in food, with which we will be doubling the benefits of garlic for the cardiovascular system.

Peanuts: With 26 grams of protein per 100 grams, peanuts rank at the top of all tree nuts when it comes to providing this vital nutrient. It is important that when it is used as a snack, for which it is ideal, we do not make excesses, since they contain many calories.

Chocolate: you have to be very careful when consuming chocolate, since what provides proteins is cocoa, so the chocolate similes that have become so fashionable are out of the competition. The good news? Real chocolate is not a forbidden food, but is recommended to keep energy levels high, which is essential for training with strength and determination.

Vegetable Protein Supplements: we can always turn to our savior supplements, which free us from the burden of eating ingredients that are included in vegetables and that are not as beneficial as proteins.