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Hydrolyzed whey protein online store

Do you need protein? If you are looking for an online store that sells hydrolyzed whey protein of the highest quality, with the best prices and safe shipping, you have found it!

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WITH A GIFTPlatinum Hydro Whey® - 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)
Platinum Hydro Whey® - 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)Optimum Nutrition
Platinum HydroWhey? The new evoulci?n of the protein! Platinum HydroWhey? is the fastest,...
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13% dtoHydrolyzed Zero Professional - 2kg
Hydrolyzed Zero Professional - 2kgBeverly Nutrition
Hydrolyzed Zero Professional from Beverly Nutrition is a modern nutritional supplement that is...
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15% dto100% hydrolyzed zero delicatesse - 1 kg
100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse - 1 kgBeverly Nutrition
100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse from Beverly Nutrition is an advanced anabolic formula made...
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Hydropure Whey - 1.6kg
Hydropure Whey - 1.6kgAmix Nutrition
- 10 %
HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition is an excellent sports nutrition supplement, made of...
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10% dtoHydro whey zero - 1816g
Hydro whey zero - 1816gBiotech USA
Hydro Whey Zero from BiotechUsa is a nutritional supplement that gives you everything you need...
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8% dto100% hydro isolate - 2kg
100% hydro isolate - 2kgScitec Nutrition
100% Hydro Isolate from Scitec Nutrition helps muscle growth, muscle maintenance and bone...
Instant Shipping
100% hydro isolate - 700g
100% hydro isolate - 700gScitec Nutrition
100% Hydro Isolate from Scitec Nutrition helps muscle growth, muscle maintenance and bone...
Instant Shipping
Hydrolyzed 2.0 - 2kg
Hydrolyzed 2.0 - 2kgScientiffic Nutrition
Hydrolyzed 2.0 from Scientific Nutrition is a powdered food supplement, made from 100% Optipep®...
Instant Shipping
10% dtoHydro concentrate - 907g
Hydro Concentrate - 907 gVitoBest
Vitobest Hydro Concentrate contributes to the increase and preservation of muscle mass.
Instant Shipping
Hydro 365 - 500g
Hydro 365 - 500gVitoBest
Hydro 365 from Vitobest, a food supplement based on hydrolyzed whey protein Lacprodan HYDRO.365...
Instant Shipping
10% dtoHydro high peptides - 907g
Hydro High Peptides - 907 gVitoBest
Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest contributes to the increase and preservation of muscle mass.
Instant Shipping
Hydro Code - 2 kg MTX Nutrition - 1
Hydro Code - 2 kgMTX Nutrition
Hydro Code from MTX Elite Nutrition is a food supplement based on hydrolyzed whey protein and...
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Iso-hydro - 908g
Iso-hydro - 908gScientiffic Nutrition
ISO-Hydro from Scientific Nutrition, is a delicious food supplement made up of a formula based...
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15% dtoHydro whey - 2kg
Hydro whey - 2kgBest Protein
Hydro Whey from Best Protein is a food supplement that constitutes a high quality hydrolyzed...
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10% dtoHydro-whey-zero - 500g
Hydro Whey Zero - 454gBiotech USA
Hydro Whey Zero from Biotech USA is nutritional supplement that offers you everything you need...
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Clear whey hydrolyzate - 500g
Clear whey hydrolyzate - 500gAmiXpro® series
- 10 %
Clear Whey Hydrolyzate from Amix is a protein-based food preparation made with premium quality...
Instant Shipping
Hydroluxe - 900g
Hydroluxe - 900gIO.Genix
iO.GENIX Hydroluxe is a food preparation that contributes to the development, maintenance of...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
Clear whey hydrolyzate - 1kg
Clear whey hydrolyzate - 1kgAmiXpro® series
- 10 %
Clear Whey Hydrolyzate by Amix is a protein-based food preparation made with premium quality...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
Hydro isolate - 1kg
Hydro isolate - 1kgLifePRO
- 10 %
Hydro Isolate from Life Pro Nutrition promotes muscle maintenance and gain, as it has an...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
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What is hydrolyzed whey protein?

When we talk about proteins, we generally think of the entire process necessary to produce this material. In fact, hydrolysis is the step that breaks down proteins into smaller units, thus making them easier for the body to digest and absorb. The effectiveness of this type of protein comes from its high biological value, that is, much more protein can be released from hydrolyzed proteins than from other food sources.

To understand what hydrolyzed protein or hydrolyzate is, we must first know what the word hydrolysis means. Hydrolysis is a chemical process that occurs when the water molecule (H2O) breaks down into hydrogen and hydroxide ions. This occurs under certain conditions such as heat, pressure and acidity.

How is protein hydrolyzed?

For this process, the protein is exposed to heat, pressure and enzymes. The result of this entire process is that the protein is broken down into peptides, which are small chains of amino acids. These peptides are more easily absorbed by our body because they no longer need to be broken down. In addition, it helps stimulate the release of insulin, which is an anabolic hormone that promotes muscle growth, so it will help you achieve your goals faster than normal.

What types of proteins can be hydrolyzed?

All proteins can be hydrolyzed, but in general, those with the highest levels of branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, and isoleucine) are ideal because they have a higher proportion of these three branched-chain amino acids that help us build muscle mass.

What is the difference with whey protein?

The main difference between whey (Whey Protein) and hydrolyzed whey is that hydrolyzed whey is predigested and partially broken down, so it is absorbed more quickly by the body than regular whey. This makes it more convenient for people who are sensitive to milk proteins, as they can drink a hydrolyzed whey protein shake without having to worry about any stomach upset.

Whey protein is a complete protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids. Whey is also a "fast-acting" protein, which means that it is quickly absorbed into the body. When consuming whey as a supplement, the main whey protein is called whey concentrate (or simply "whey"), but it can also contain other types of whey protein, including ion-exchanged whey and hydrolyzed whey.

Hydrolyzed whey is more expensive but can be beneficial for athletes.

Hydrolyzed whey is the most expensive type of whey due to its production process. Hydrolyzed whey undergoes partial predigestion, which breaks down some of its proteins before they reach your stomach. This makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb.

If you're not a competitive athlete or bodybuilder - or if you don't have digestion problems with WHEY proteins - consuming hydrolyzed whey probably won't make much of a difference compared to regular whey proteins.

Advantages of buying Hydrolyzed protein

Rapid absorption in the body: It is one of the fastest absorption proteins on the market. As they are already small peptides, they do not require digestive processes such as enzymatic digestion. This makes them ideal for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, as they do not contain lactose and therefore do not cause digestive problems. They also have a higher biological value than egg whites or whey proteins.

Muscle development: Its rapid absorption allows your muscles to replenish amino acids much faster due to its large amount of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), essential for muscle growth and repair.

Main brands of whey hydrolyzate in MASmusculo

In our online store you will find many options to choose from, but it is always recommended that you take a look at the specifications of each one and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Each brand has its own characteristics, so it is important that you always keep it in mind when making your purchase.

The main brands of hydrolyzed whey protein in our store are Optimum Nutrition , Vitobest , Gold Nutrition , Amix , Scitec , Biotech or BIG .

Why buy hydrolyzate at MASmusculo?

  • Hydrolyzed whey protein is a product of high biological value for your body.
  • We have different presentations of hydrolyzed protein, from 1Kg to 5Kg of the best brands on the market.
  • In the MASmusculo online store we have the best prices on the market so you can buy the product at the best price.
  • All our products are sold under strict quality controls of certified brands.
  • Buy protein hydrolyzate at MASmusculo and get fast, convenient and safe shipping.