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Vegan Vitamin + - 60 capsules

Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS are capsules based on vitamins and minerals specially designed to respond to the individual requirements of athletes. Regardless of their category, the addition of organic silicon from bamboo and coenzyme Q10, it gives the connective tissues elasticity and consistency to keep the endurance needed in each workout.

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    Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS adds vitality to your workouts safely and reliably.

    Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS is a formula specially designed to take care of athlete's health. The presence of vitamins from several groups plus minerals in each capsule are essential to produce the energy your body really needs to train effectively.

    In addition, the extra Q10 and organic silicon provide the production of essential collagen to give elasticity to the tissues, making them increasingly strong and resistant.

    What are the main characteristics of Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS?

    • Food supplement based on vitamins, minerals, Q10 and organic silicon.
    • Provides the necessary energy to take on each workout.
    • Helps to produce collagen, useful for bones and cartilage.
    • Fortifies the body's natural defenses.
    • Reduces the appearance of fatigue in your workouts.
    • Strengthens the cellular system against oxidative degradation.
    • Provides tissues with elasticity.
    • Transforms nutrients into energy.
    • Easily swallowed.

    What does each serving of Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS provide?

    Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS comes in capsules with moderate size in such a way that it facilitates the ingestion in any place, and your body can widely absorb its nutrients easily, thus providing a greater effectiveness in each serving.

    Q10 has developed antioxidant effects which allows the strengthening, growth and cell maintenance. In addition, the organic silicon provides the necessary collagen to add consistency and elasticity to the connective tissues.

    Nutrition facts per daily serving (2 capsules) of Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS:

    • 800 mcg of vitamin A.
    • 500 mg of vitamin C.
    • 5 mcg of vitamin D.
    • 40 mg of vitamin E.
    • 80 mcg of vitamin K.
    • 1.10 mg of vitamin B1.
    • 1.40 mg of vitamin B2.
    • 1.40 mg of vitamin B6.
    • 500 mcg of folic acid (vitamin B9).
    • 1.04 mg of calcium.
    • 200 mg of magnesium.
    • 14 mg of iron.
    • 3 mcg of potassium.
    • 55 mcg of selenium.
    • 10 mg of zinc.

    What is selenium good for?

    It plays a critical role in metabolism and thyroid function and helps protect your body from damage caused by oxidative stress. What is more, selenium may help boost your immune system, slow age-related mental decline, and even reduce your risk of heart disease.

    What is Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS taken for?

    Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS are capsules based on essential minerals and vitamins and an extra Q10 and organic bamboo silicon, which guarantee the protection of  athlete's health.

    • Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS is ideal for athletes.
    • Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS guarantees the elasticity and consistency of tissues.
    • Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS strengthens the cellular system thanks to its antioxidant effect.

    Recommended daily dose of Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS:

    • Take 2 capsules of Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS daily.
    • Take Vegan Vitamin + from 226ERS preferably between main meals so that there is no incidence of food in the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.
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