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Sport socks hydrazero

Sport Hydrazero socks by 226ers are an ideal garment for athletes and anyone looking for soft, comfortable, resistant, durable, beautiful and functional socks, these are technical socks with a pleasant touch, great breathability and thermoregulatory capacity, thanks to their fabric smart that provides heat or cool depending on weather conditions.

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    Wear the great Sport Hydrazero Socks from 226ers and get a unique feeling of comfort, plus they are very beautiful!

    The Sport Hydrazero Socks by 226ers do not fade or break or damage easily, so you can use them for a long time and they will remain intact, you can also combine them with your sports outfit, since they combine with any garment, in the same way, the fact that they have the logo of the brand makes them particular and will give you prestige, because 226ers is one of the best sports companies currently active in the industry. Sport Hydrazero socks by 226ers withstand a machine wash of up to 30 degrees and do not need to be ironed, made of 60% polyester, 20% polyamide and 20% elastane, using the best raw materials that guarantee their high quality; On the other hand, they come in different sizes to adapt to the size of your foot and are easy to fit.

    The Sport Hydrazero Socks by 226ers are beautiful technical sports socks of the highest quality, carefully manufactured to adapt to your needs, offering comfort at all times; They are made of high-tech Soft-Air Plus fabric, a fabric that guarantees maximum comfort, freedom of movement and great adaptability to the foot. Likewise, this smart fabric has thermoregulatory capacity, which brings freshness or heat to the body, according to the conditions in which it is used, depending on the use; in the same way they are soft, resistant and durable.

    The fiber with which the 226ers Sport Hydrazero Socks are made transports moisture to the outside so that it can evaporate, being a much faster process than in natural fibers or synthetic fibers, therefore keeping the foot and part of the foot dry. leg at all times, increasing comfort and performance, even in the most extreme conditions. The Sport Hydrazero Socks by 226ers come in two pretty and casual colors, such as black with the brand's logo in white and vice versa, white with the brand's logo in black, both with beautiful colored stripes on the top ( magenta, yellow and light blue), distinguishing itself from the rest, giving it a youthful and modern touch, which is why they are ideal for use by both men and women. On the other hand, they do not produce a sensation of pressure at the level of the leg or feet, definitely a great option to use in your day to day.

    Properties of the Sport Hydrazero Socks from 226ers

    • They are nice and comfortable sports socks
    • Made with high-tech fabric
    • They are very soft and comfortable
    • Allow freedom of movement
    • They provide great adaptability to the foot
    • Provides freshness or heat to the body depending on the conditions
    • They are strong and durable
    • Keeps the body dry at all times
    • Increases performance in extreme conditions
    • Comes in two bold, modern and pretty colors
    • Colorfast

    Sport Hydrazero socks by 226ers are beautiful and comfortable technical sports socks, made with high-tech fabric that make them completely soft, comfortable and best of all, they allow freedom of movement and great adaptability to the foot, in addition to this intelligent fabric provides freshness or warmth to the body depending on the conditions used.

    Recommended Use : Wear these nice and comfortable socks whenever you want, as needed.

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