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Soft flask cup - 200ml

226ers Soft Flask Glass is a great flexible glass made with unique materials that give it the property of reducing its size as you drink, to minimize any type of unexpected spill and at the same time reduce the rebound of the liquid inside, it is comfortable , of special size, so you can enjoy your drinks pleasantly.

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    226ers Soft Flask Glass: the best option to enjoy your drinks in a simple and comfortable way.

    226ers Soft Flask Glass is a glass made in a special way to contribute to the needs of today's athlete, who seeks comfort and versatility when drinking their favorite drinks and shakes, in the most effective way, it is a very different from conventional ones, and is that it is made with resistant and durable materials, but that make it very soft and flexible, capable of reducing its size as you drink, this precisely to avoid any unexpected spillage or to minimize the rebound of the liquid in Its interior, in this way, adapts to the amount of liquid in an ideal way, so that you can enjoy these drinks comfortably.

    226ers Soft Flask Glass has a particular and unique design, with a wide main spout that allows you to drink comfortably from it, as well as being soft to the touch, in this way it is a good option if you do not want to drink from cans that are uncomfortable at the time of take the shakes, as you can place them once ready in it and drink in a practical, simple and comfortable way. On the other hand, it has grab handles so you can hold it safely, and it comes in a very beautiful blue color that makes it special for both men and women, with the brand's logo in white letters that give it the perfect contrast, as well as giving you prestige, as it will make you look like a fan of one of the best sports brands in the industry.

    226ers Soft Flask Glass has a capacity of 200 ml, making it special for taking your hydrating drinks or shakes in perfect doses; In the same way, you can not only take it with you to your training site but also anywhere you want, to the park on a picnic day, to the beach and even to have any drink at home. Also due to its special size and flexible material you can move it comfortably, since it fits perfectly in the pocket of your backpack or gym bag.

    Properties of the 226ers Soft Flask Glass

    • It is a flexible glass made with high quality materials
    • Minimize spills
    • Reduces liquid bounce inside
    • Excellent 200ml capacity
    • It is soft to the touch
    • It is strong and durable
    • With handles for a better grip
    • It is comfortable and practical to use
    • It has a beautiful color and design
    • Ideal for athletes

    Soft Flask Glass by 226ers is a durable, resistant, comfortable, beautiful and 100% functional glass, specially for frequent use, so that you can enjoy your drinks in a comfortable and simple way.

    Recommended use: use it to drink any beverage of your choice. Before the first use, rinse with lemon juice (50%) and water (50%), leave the mixture inside for 2 hours and rinse with plenty of water.

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