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226ERS is a brand that develops and distributes a complete line of products for lovers of long-distance, outdoor and endurance sports, such as nutritional supplements, food supplements, sports accessories, utility items and exclusive clothing.

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Muscular Recuperator - 1 kg
Muscular Recuperator - 1 kgRecovery
Recovery Drink from 226ERS is a recovery food supplement, made from a perfect combination of...
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Isotonic drink - 1 kg
Isotonic Drink - 1 kgHydration
The Isotonic Drink from 226ERS contains an advanced formula based on amylopectin. 226ERS has...
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OUTLETVegan Protein - 700 g 226ERS - 2
Vegan Protein - 700 g - Red Fruits - OUTLETVegetable Protein
Vegan Protein from 226ERS is a protein food supplement based on pea protein, rice protein and...
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OUTLETVegan symbiotic complex - 60 capsules - OUTLET
Vegan symbiotic complex - 60 capsules - OUTLETPrebiotics
Vegan Symbiotic Complex by 226ERS is a food supplement made from a natural mixture of butyrate...
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Salts electrolytes - 100 capsules
Salts Electrolytes - 100 capsulesHydration
Salts Electrolytes from 226ERS is an extraordinary dietary supplement that comes in comfy and...
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THE BEST PRICESub9 pro salts electrolytes - duplo
Sub9 Pro Mineral Salts with Electrolytes - duploHydration
Sub9 Pro Mineral Salts with Electrolytes from 226ERS is a powerful dietary supplement, which...
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Tribular - hydrazero 226ERS - 1
Tribular - hydrazeroCycle Clothing, Helmets and Accesories
Tubular Hydrazero by 266ers is an extraordinary multifunctional accessory designed with the best...
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Energy gel - 25g
Energetic Gel - 25gGels and Bars
Energetic Gel 226ERS is a rapid absorption gel that provides power when most needed. For running...
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The number 226 are the kilometers that must be covered in the toughest test in the world, the long-distance triathlon. The brand bears the name of 226ERS, because in the same way that those who run are called runners, the athletes who perform this sport can be called 226ers.

These product lines are specially developed to meet the needs of the sector and offer a complete range of items for the most demanding long-distance athletes.

The 226ERS line of nutritional supplements and food supplements provides advanced and healthy formulas, where chemical-free compositions, recognizable flavors, sugar-free products, gluten-free products and natural aromas stand out. The brand uses amylopectin as the main carbohydrate in food supplements and all protein bars contain more than 90% of its natural ingredients.

In the line of sports supplements we can find an ultra-pure and delicious whey protein isolate, with a chocolate flavor, a supplement for the immune system in a cappuccino flavor, an innovative energy gel in varieties of coffee, lemon, strawberry and banana, a supplement very complete immune booster in cookies flavor or the popular muscle recuperator Recovery drink.

A wide range of accessories for outdoor sports and resistance provide the essential tools for practicing sports with high quality. In this line you can find shakers, cans, thermal tubes and other accessories or additional items, such as cups for nutritional breakfast.

The 226ERS line of long-distance sportswear offers a wide variety of sportswear such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, with some classic models and other innovative designs, in men's, women's or unisex versions.

Among the different editions of background t-shirts are the attractive Gray Hooded, Black Hooded and Kona Edition hoodies, the classic “Feed Your Hawaiian Dreams” t-shirt or the unisex Black with logo, Black Edition and “Feed Your Dreams” models.

Additional sports clothing includes various types of swimming caps, such as Hawaii Edition and “Feed Your Dreams” and swimming trunks, as well as other accessories for daily training in all outdoor and endurance disciplines: thermal tubulars, tubular briefs and sports caps, with flat brims or round brims, in modern, high-quality, resistant and high-performance models that meet the requirements of 226ers athletes.