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MentalConfort - 30 capsules

MentalConfort from 100% Natural is a nutritional supplement with amazing natural ingredients, excellent for maintaining a good mood and ensuring a good balance of the nervous system. It contains concentrated saffron in the Affron® formula, IP6 and myo-inositiol under the IP6 Oro® formula, together with Meriserin® that offers a concentration of phytosome turmeric.

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    MentalConfort from 100% Natural will help you preserve a good mood and improve your good mood. It is a fabulous combination of natural ingredients.

    MentalConfort from 100% Natural is a natural supplement that will help you have an excellent emotional balance. It contains concentrated and exclusive forms of phytosome turmeric, saffron, myo-inosite and IP6 strands, and active forms of vitamins of group B, D3, and zinc synthesized with methionine.

    Main features of MentalConfort from 100% Natural:

    • Benefits your emotional balance.
    • Stabilizes the functioning of the nervous system.
    • Promotes a good mood in general.

    Ingredients and format of MentalConfort from 100% Natural:

    MentalConfort from 100% Natural comes in a box containing 30 capsules of supplement.

    Each one has the following specifications:

    • 320 mg of IP6 Oro®.
    • 125 mg of Meriserin®.
    • 28 mg of Affron®.
    • 9 mg of vitamin B5.
    • 3 mg of vitamin B6.
    • 10 µg of vitamin B12.
    • 15 µg of vitamin D3.
    • 4 mg of zinc.

    Why should you take MentalConfort from 100% Natural?

    MentalConfort from 100% Natural is an amazing nutritional supplement that will help you have an excellent emotional balance. It has been made of concentrated natural ingredients that have recognized benefits in stabilizing the nervous system. It has pieces of saffron condensed in the Affron® formula, together with IP6 Oro® which contributes with IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate) and myo-inositol, and Meriserin® which provides the benefits of phytosome turmeric. In addition, it has been enriched with active forms of B vitamins, vitamin D3, zinc bound to methionine. In this way, it contributes to have a good mood and a normal functioning of the nervous system.

    You can very sure that by consuming this excellent product you will enjoy comfort and calm. The presence of saffron in fine pieces or stigmas has been recognized from naturalistic health disciplines as an excellent antispasmodic, digestive, which is also very useful against respiratory problems. In the neurological field, it provides a sedative, relaxing effect, which also promotes a good mood. It has adaptogenic properties that are very useful for overcoming stress and achieving a calm and peaceful state. To all its ingredients is added the turmeric, which favors the nervous system. Meriserin® offers a form of curcumin associated with sunflower phosphatidiserine, of great bioavailability. This component helps improve interconnection between neurons.

    Finally, MentalConfort from 100% Natural has other ingredients that benefit the neurological activity. It contains myo-inositol, inositol hexophosphate, B vitamins, pantothenic acid, and zinc. All these components are responsible for balancing the nervous system, promoting normal psychological function and better cognitive functions.

    This is why it is an ideal supplement to combat stress, mental fatigue, memory problems and to promote a good general mood.

    How should you take MentalConfort from 100% Natural?

    • Take 1 capsule daily.
    • It is recommended to consume for at least 1 month.
    • Follow the recommended dose or follow medical instructions.
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